Commando Crawl

O.k. If you can overlook Edie's bad hair day you may notice some scooting around. Edie is beginning to crawl commando style! We are so excited! We are really having to watch her now. No more putting her down and walking away. This past week she has really been on the go. All of her therapist are so pleased and surprised at her progress. Edie is almost able to sit alone and has began to eat solids three times per day. Although she has said to be on a 5-6 month level at this point - I am sure she is quickly making her way to the 8 month level. We have changed many of her goals to crawling, sitting alone and holding her own bottle. Watch out world! Here she comes!!

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Poor Uncle Zach

As you can see.......the pictures speak for themselves.

Poor Uncle Zach.

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Wesley's 3rd Birsthay

We partied like a Princess as Wesley's Birthday Party. She received a lot of makeup and gifts. Wesley is quickly becoming a beauty queen. Before the party we attended Edie's first Davis Family Reunion in Billingsley. It was great to see everyone and catch up. We had relatives all the way from Alaska! Edie was a trooper for such a long day of food and fun.

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Bubble Bath Time

Tonight we had two special treats tonight. First treat - Daddy came home! Edie was all smiles too. It was if I did not even exist once Scott walked into the room. Edie LOVES her Daddy. Second treat we bought Edie a bubble machine that sticks to the side of the tub. She loves it! Not only does she love the bubbles but she also loves to sit up like a big girl and splash, splash, splash in the water. Bath time is one of Edie's favorite things to do. She is getting so big and progressing so well. So well in fact that we have been asked by ARC (in home early intervention therapist) to come up with some new goals for her. At this point Edie has conquered her goals of rolling over, pivoting while on tummy, holding two objects in both hands, holding her head up, sitting well in her high chair, grasping for toys, looking for dropped toys, and sitting while assisted - plus many more. I am now looking forward to working on siting alone, creeping, crawling, pulling up and eating three solids each day.
Edie has been such a joy making everyday a blessing.
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I miss my Daddy

Scott is in Jacksonville, FL this weekend with his family visiting Edie's Great Giddo. So it has been just the girls. Nan helped out a lot in getting Edie ready for the day. We woke early and ate breakfast before leaving for the Shelby County ARC yard sale. We did not find anything at the sale but it was fun looking.

We then went to the Veterans Memorial Park in Alabaster for a birthday party. Our friends Jimmy and Vanessa Walters hosted a Monkey themed party for their sons 2nd birthday. It was from 10-12 so the weather was great. We had chicken minis and a yummy Monkey cake. Andrew got a lot of great toys and was not interested in them in the least. He was focused on the slides!!

After the party we all went shopping. Edie was so great. She just sat in her stroller and played with her monkey party favor. She is really starting to make some cute sounds. I was so proud of her. After we got home she took a long nap - she was pooped! We miss Daddy and we can not wait to see him when he gets home tomorrow. Until then..........Sweet dreams Daddy.
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Special Friends

These are some photos of two beautiful smocked dresses that a very special friend of ours, Jackie Partridge, made for Edie. I do not know how she does it - such wonderful talent! She also smocked a dress for her when she was first born. One is a aqua colored blue with a heart detail in the front and the other has a cute little pumpkin and cat design with orange and white trim. I tried taking a picture so that you could see the detail of the sewing in the back but it was hard to see. Believe me it is so different and so beautiful. My neighbor had just brought over a catalog for a company that sells smocked items and believe it or not I was thinking of getting Edie one for the fall that had little pumpkins on the collar. But this one is much prettier and so much more special. Thank you so much Jackie for thinking of Edie.
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Special Friends

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Just another Day in the Park

I had a great time at my friend Andrew's Birthday Party.

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I Love My Nan

I Love My Nan

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Edie's Six Month Photos

I also had to share Edie's six month photos with you. Just copy and paste the link to view. This link will be available until August 28th.
She is so perfect and beautiful. We are going to be in the poor house - I want them all!

My New Shoes

For the past three days I have been leaving early and getting home late leaving little to no time to spend with Edie. My company has been holding their largest meeting of the year and during this time they host dinners at night. So last night Scott and I went to the major shindig while Edie stayed the night at Gigi's and Giddo's. I felt like I had not seen Edie in forever. When I went to pick her up this afternoon she had on the cutest pink and brown outfit and the most precious little shoes that her Gigi and Giddo bought for her. She looked so sweet I just had to take some pictures to share with all of you. Scott and I have had a hard time finding shoes that will stay on her since her feet are still so small. But these are perfect for her little feet.

We got home and settled back in tonight to our normal routine. Edie ate a hole jar of carrots and a few bites of banana after her bottle. She was soon off to sleep around 7:30 which is pretty early for her. She must have had a great time at her grandparents and played hard. Now we are just left here to wonder what time she will wake up in the morning. I am betting 5:00 am.

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Where Does the Time Go?

I can not believe it has been so long since my last update!! Already 10 days into August! I have so much to tell you. I'll start from the week before last.........
1. Edie had her 6 month photos taken a few weeks ago by Fairy Tails and Fireflies. We should get the link to view them over the Internet sometime later this week and I can not wait! Edie did so well posing for Marcie. She did get a little fussy towards the end making it impossible for us to get any shots of her in her little white dress. I am kinda sorry for that - however I know there will be plenty to choose from. I think my favorites will be of her in a BIG red tutu and a little white one. She wore her cross necklace and looked like and Angel. We will give you the link once we receive it so you can see too!!
2. Friday we had our 6 month checkup to include 6 shots and 2 tubes of blood. Poor baby......and I mean me!! Edie did great, mommy is the one who did not do so good! To our surprise Edie had to have two tubes of blood drawn for a thyroid test. Scott played with her as they drew the blood and she never even made a peep until they were putting the band aid on. I could not even look! Children and adults with DS are prone to thyroid disease and have to be tested at birth, 6 mo, 9 mo, 12 mo and each year after. Our Dr. said it is very treatable if detected and so far so good. We received her results Saturday and they were negative. We will soon have her hearing and vision tested and we will head back to the cardiologist next month.
Edie is: 15lbs 8oz - 26 1/4" tall - 50th Percentile. Dr. Cortapassi said she was perfect!! And we concur!!
3. Over the weekend my friend Shannon and Alex Pool came over and swam at the pool. *Shannon is actually responsible for Scott and I meeting one another years ago* Alex and Edie did great together. They swam, slept and ate. Alex did get a hand full of Edie's hair once which scared me and Edie both. But Edie made a quick recovery and was back to playing in no time. Alex is exactly one month younger than Edie and is already sitting alone, holding her bottle and standing! She is a great little girl.
4. Saturday night we ate at our friends Vanessa and Jimmy Walters who has a 2 year old Andrew. Andrew will be having a birthday party next weekend. He will also be a big brother in about 5 more months. The Walters are expecting a baby girl. We had a good time hanging out, eating and watching the Olympic games. I always enjoy talking with Vanessa and getting her advise on life and mommy things.
5. Sunday (today) Scott kept Edie most of the day while I ran errands. We later went and ate a a new restaurant here in Helena. It was pretty good. We had fried pickles, the best chicken fingers ever and a big salad to counteract the fried foods! Yea right! We left there feeling really good about ourselves. But hey, we are starting our diets Monday. Again.......

Edie's Pears

We thought Edie would love the pears because they are so sweet (or so we thought)

Edie's face tells a different story!

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Pool Friends

Our friends Alex and Shannon Pool

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