3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser

We are overjoyed and so blessed by those who came out for the 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser Honoring Edie and benefiting The Bell Center for Early Intervention.  We had so many family and friends to come out and support this great cause.  We had delicious food from Lovoy's, wonderful entertainment by Hunter Lawley and the best silent auction ever!  We raised over $10,000 during the night of the event and we are still counting!!  Thank you to everyone who made this night so special for us.  More to come at a later date....but for now I leave you with these photos playing to one of Edie's favorite songs.  Enjoy!


Something So Sweet

Go see Grethel Van Epps {Here} password  - edie
I can not begin to tell you how many pictures I want from this session!  Edie was a perfect Angel and so, so sweet!


3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser

This is it! Our "Final Hoorah" as we prepare for our 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser Honoring Edie and Benefiting The Bell Center for Early Intervention. This is the week of late nights, high blood pressure (me), nervousness and much excitement. This week we will be gathering all of the silent auction items, making description cards, printing bid sheets, confirming food, making food, picking up this and that and praying that it will be a great night of fundraising and fun. We are so looking forward to the party and seeing all of our family and friends come together to celebrate Edie and TBC. Edie has come such a long way and we are so appreciative of what TBC has done for her and for us. This is our way of saying "Thank You" to TBC and to our family friends for supporting us each step of the way. We look forward to seeing you there!
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More Beautiful Each Day

"I" had a play date with Edie at Joe Tucker park and we enjoyed this beautiful weather! If you have never been to this park in Helena it really is very nice. It is a boundless park which means it is for everyone! Special needs, handicap, typical - Everyone! They have a lot of great activities to play on and with. We had so much fun just being together and playing. I asked Edie at one time to go over to the slide and sit on it and smile so I could take a picture. I expected her usual pose with her thumb in her mouth, but not this time! I honestly believe she gets even more beautiful each day. If that is possible :) Man I LOVE this little girl!!
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Sunday we were invited to Edie's friend Cooper's 2nd Birthday Party. It was a bubble theme which was perfect for Edie - she LOVES bubbles! They had a bubble machine at the front entrance and lot's of bubble games to play. We had pizza, cake and these super yummy cute marsh mellow pops (Cooper's mommy is making some for the fundraiser too!) The kids had a great time and Edie was pooped. We went straight home, took a bath and hit the sack. Thanks for a great party Miss Cooper and happy 2nd Birthday!
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We had so much fun this Halloween Trick or Treating at our neighborhood and participating in a Halloween parade in Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck's neighborhood. All the children were so cute all dressed in their costumes and fun. Even several of the Adults in the neighborhood got into the Halloween spirit, including us! Edie went this year as what else but a Ladybug. She was a very colorful Ladybug at that with her pink, purple and green pants and hot pink sneakers. Although she did not wear her antennas very long she did look cute in them. The only thing she was a little confused about was the candy part. At one house she politely went to the bowl and picked one piece at a time and then politely placed each piece of candy (one at a time) in the neighbors pumpkin instead of in her bag? The other thing we will have to work on next year is learning why we can't go inside of every ones home. For some reason she thought this night was a time for her to go in and visit with everyone. We will work on that next year!
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