Bama Fans....BIG & small

Edie was something else over the weekend. She was in the best mood and everything was so funny to her :) She clapped, sang, screamed with glee and laughed more than I have ever heard her laugh before. Scott and I loved every minute of it too!! She also started jumping on the sofa. So every time Scott would say "Touchdown Bama!" Edie would climb up on the sofa and jump. She thought it was the best thing ever. Cute yes - dangerous YES! But how can you say no to this sweet little thing in her Bama shorts :) Scott purchased these Saturday morning when he and Edie went for her Chocolate Cheerios at the grocery store. What a cute Bama Baby!!
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AL vs Penn State

Scott and I were fortunate enough to be given two free tickets to the game last weekend. Mindy and Chuck have season tickets and were not able to go, so we were the lucky winners of two tickets with great seats!! It was a long, HOT, day....did I say HOT!! The quad was SO crowded....did I say crowded!! It only took us an hr to park, 30 minutes to find our friends tent and an additional 20 minutest for Scott to go back to the car to get the tickets we forgot the first time but in the end we had a great time. Personally I have no idea how people tailgate every game. For me one or two is enough and then I can call it a season :)
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The Backyardigans


Our yard was pretty much useless before. We did not spend a whole lot of time out there. But now we are out there almost every evening. We extended our patio by adding a raised flagstone area. We wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible so we had grass planted in between each stone. Not only did it extend our patio but it really seems to have made our yard as a whole feel a lot bigger. A lot of the space that was previously useless to us is now filled with stone making the whole patio much bigger.

We (I mean Scott) used the leftover flagstone to make a border for our flower bed. We bought a few more plants, relocated others and we are now well on our way to the courtyard feel we are shooting for! We still intend to have the patio stained to match the flagstone and plant more plants in the spring. But for now we are just enjoying our new backyard and the cooler nights!! More to come!
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We have been have been busy with our back yard for several, several weeks now. We still have a little left to do, but we are so happy with the end results so far! If you have ever been to our house you know how small our yard is. Which is OK. We did not buy because of the yard, we bought because of the potential the neighborhood has once it is fully developed. Granted we may not even be here once that day comes but for now we are going to enjoy every inch of it!


So Tweet!

Nanny bought all of the grand-girls matching Tweet Bird outfits so we headed to the park today to take some pictures since it was such a nice day. We got a lot of good ones, which I was really surprised that we were able to do it. I still have no idea how those professionals do such a good job at getting four kiddos to all smile and look at the same time. But for a bunch of amateurs we did a pretty good job! I think Nanny was pretty tired after doing jumping jacks, singing and dancing for for them but it was all worth it!!
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Edie + Pudding = a sweet mess!

This is what you get when you mix Edie with pudding!
The bottom right photo is Edie signing "more" - AFTER a FULL bowl!!
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2nd Annual Tailgate Challenge

Last Saturday after the birthday party we headed to the 2nd Annual Tailgate Challenge benefiting The Bell Center. There were several more tents as compared to last year and the tents really stepped it up on the food too! During this event people are able to set up a tent, decorate it, serve something small that goes with their theme and cheer for their favorite team. There are awards for the tent with the best spirit, best all around and best food. We had so much yummy food to taste I was full within the first 10 minutes, but that did not stop me! We had hot dogs, fish tacos, Krystal's, cookies, rum balls, salsa, and I can not even remember the rest. Let's just say too much of a good thing! But there is never too much of a good thing is there??
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Happy Birthday Wesley!

We celebrated Wesley's 5th Birthday last weekend. She had a Mary Poppins themed party complete with black hats that we got to decorate. This is a photo of the birthday girl blowing out her candles on her yummy cake right before Edie planted her hand in it! The good thing was Edie made a perfect hand print, the bad thing was it scared Edie so bad that she screamed while holding a handful of icing which she promptly rubbed all over her shirt. But in the end the party was great, the cake was still delicious and the birthday girl got lots of great gifts :)
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So Sweet

I had to post the photos of Scott's recent contribution to nest EGgS design - a toddler picnic table. Edie LOVES hers! She sits at it like a big girl eating snacks, watermelon and drinking her pink lemonade. Scott is offering them in three colors - a coastal blue, green and white. They are really "cottagy" looking and the perfect size for Edie and her friends! We hope he can get in some orders for the upcoming holidays so please spread the word! You can see them under "for your {eggs}" on the nest EGgS design blog.

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I know it has been forever since I last posted and I had promised myself that I would start updating every Monday again, but as you can see it has been few and far between. What can I say, we are just too busy! Last MONTH we had a fun play day at Aunt Mindy's and Uncle Chuck's house which included, a pool and a HUGE slide! Any child's (and adults) dream come true! We had so much fun and Edie especially LOVED to slide - all by her self I may add. I would walk her up to the top and without hesitation she would flop on her belly and slide down just like the big kids. She had a blast!! We loved seeing her play with all of her little friends. Such a fun on a VERY hot day!
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