Happy Memorial Day!

We had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we spent the day with Aunt Mindy, Chuck and several other friends at Chuck's Smith Lake house. Although it rained and we were not able to go swimming or boating we still had fun being indoors and just hanging out. Edie had fun being with Aunt Mindy and being held and hugged by everyone. She was adorable as always.
After church the Poole's came over and we went out to the pool. Edie had not napped all morning or afternoon so she took a quick nap at the pool before dinner. We had a boston butt Scott had bought and Chris made the greatest baked beans ever!! On Monday we did a little bit of nothing. We did finally venture out to WalMart to get some supplies for our up coming VACATION to the BEACH!!!!
We can NOT wait!! We will be leaving this Saturday and will not be back for a WHOLE WEEK!!! So look for many, many, many photos of Edie's first trip to the beach!
Until then we made a Memorial Day photo collage for you. Edie looked so cute in her Red, White and Blue I had to get some photos of her. My absolute favorite is the one of her on the bottom right with her legs hanging off the sofa. She has such a cute, pretty, perfect smile in this pic. Can you tell we are in love with our baby!

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Alex and Edie

Sunday Edie's friend Alex and her parents came over to play at the pool. The water was sooooo cold that Edie did not do any swimming. She enjoyed dipping her hands and feet in - but that is all I could stand for her to do. It was really freezing! But we had a great time just hanging out and later eating dinner and playing some more. Edie and Alex play really well together. She shares all of her toys well and just loves to watch other babies run around. However, I will say that when I shared some of Edie's goldfish crackers with Alex Edie did not like it very much. So she doesn't mind sharing toys. Just not her food!

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Monday Night - Date Night

Last Monday night Scott and I did something we have not done in a long time. We went to a concert and a great concert at that! We joined up with our dear friends Jimmy, Vanessa, Russell and Stacey for the Coldplay concert. It was so much fun!! We had awesome seats - they were up there but they were right in the center of the stage which made the viewing easy. During the course of the concert they dropped huge balls which the crowd hit and bounced around the venue. They also had butterfly.... dragonfly...some type of fly... confetti fall from the sky during later part of the concert. But the best part, was when the band moved from the center stage and jumped on a mini stage just a couple of sections over from us and played! It was great! I was screaming like I was 13! When we all left the concert they gave each person a CD of a recently recorded live concert from their tour which was really neat too. The place was packed, the energy was great, Coldplay was Awesome and the company was even better! We had a wonderful time.

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Daddy's Girl

While I was out of town last weekend Edie and Daddy had a great weekend together. They went to the Farmers Market in Old Town Helena Saturday morning (picture Scott sent me of the trip on top left). It looks like they are in a swamp - which is what that area turns to with a little rain. Afterwards Scott took Edie to her pal Trebor's birthday party at Pump It Up. As you can see in the photos Edie had a great time jumping on the cushy floors. Scott wanted to take Edie down the slides so badly, but it was just too hard (not to mention dangerous) to hold Edie while climbing up the steep slides. Next time Sweetie......we promise!

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Poo Poo Head

So this was a first.......Friday afternoon Edie and I were heading to meet Scott after work for dinner. I went up to wake sleeping beauty after her 2 1/2 hour nap!! She still was not quite awake so to keep from startling her I flipped on her lamp. To my surprise I noticed her diaper was loose. I went to strap it back and realized it actually was not even under her but loose and just lying under her. So I quickly flipped on the room light expecting to find that she had peed in her bed - no worries however because she has a sheet saver under each of the bed sheets. What I did find was a smiling face with poo poo from HEAD to TOE!!!! Stricken with panic I did not know what to do first. I ran to the bathroom to fill the tub with water but stopped to run back to her room because I knew I needed to get her out of her self made finger painting party. So in the tub she went half asleep, half laughing and really smelly!
After the episode I wished I had taken a picture of her in all of her glory. We were able to disinfect her, her bed and her sheets before dinner. It was a learning experience for me. Never again will I put Edie to bed without pants or a diaper cover. I still am unsure if the culprit was the cheap Publix diaper or that she simply took off her own dirty diaper since mommy did not do it for her! Fun times!!


Happy Mother's Day!

I love my Edie and I love my Scott! Sweet daddy gave me a surprise day at the Ross Bridge Resort and Spa on Saturday. He surprised me with a massage and a facial. It was perfect! After being greeted and checked in I changed into my robe and sat in a waiting area where they served snacks of fresh fruit and teas. I then had my massage and afterwards my facial. These were WONDERFUL!! But one of the best parts was after the treatments they did not rush you out. You were actually invited to stay as long as you wanted to enjoy the "Quiet Room" where there were lounging chairs, books, dim lights and a hot tub. You could also use the steam room, showers, etc. So I drank about six cups of tea and a plate full of fruit and nuts while in the "Quiet Room" (where there was no loud talking aloud), I took a short nap, then I sat in the steam room for as long as I could stand it. I then showered. Not because I needed to - but just because I wanted to. It was so fun and relaxing. Actually my treatments only lasted an 1 1/2, but I ended up staying there for about 4 hours! It was a great day!

On Sunday afternoon we had everyone over for a late lunch of hot wings, potato salad, baked beans, banana pudding and homemade ice cream. Edie, Wyatt and Wesley made Gigi, Nan and Kelli a hand towel for the kitchen with their names and all of the kids hand prints on them. They turned out really cute. When Edie was printing her hand on Gigi's towel she wadded her hand up quicker than I could pull it away so it sorta ended up being a "hand blob" rather than a hand print. It was still cute and though and really reflects Edie's personality. Quick, busy, messy, fun and you never know what you are going to get! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

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Me and Aunt Mindy

Aunt Mindy took Edie to her pal Riley's birthday party over the weekend. Riley turned the BIG 1! Aunt Mindy said Edie was an Angel as always and she had a great time. Eide LOVES other babies! She lights up now when we take her to MDO or to the nursery at church. She gets compliments left and right each time on what a joy she is to have. She just loves to play. Doesn't she look so big in this photo! She looks like she is three years old!! Thanks Aunt Mindy and Riely for a great time!!

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More Please

Edie can now sign More, All Done, Eat and Dog. She knows Milk but never does it. Funny thing is she used to sign More all of the time and then she stopped and would only do All Done. Now she has gotten to where she does not do All Done as much and is back to doing More. This time she does More really well. She puts her fingers together when doing it insted of just slapping her hands together. (as you can see on the video).

We recieved her latest evaluation from ARC and The Bell Center recently. Edie is doing quite well. These were the results from her ARC evaluation:

Physical/Gross and Fine Motor: 8.5 - 10 months with a >25% delay

Cognitive/Relationships to Inanimate Objects: 11.5 - 13 months with a <25%>

Communication/Expressive and Receptive: 11.5 - 13 months with a <25%>

Self-Help: 10 - 13 months with a >25% delay

Social/Relationships to persons/Emotions and feelings/Coping behavior: 12.5 - 15.5 <25%>

This shows that although she was 15 months at the time of the evaluation she shows being on a 8.5 - 10 month level in physical and fine motor, 11.5 - 13 month level in cognitive and communication, 10-13 month level in self help and 12.5 -15.5 month level in social skills. We were told that in some areas she is doing what an 8 month old would be doing right now while in others she is doing what a 16 month old would be doing right now! So she is basically doing great in the mental learning areas and she is working toward developing the more physical challenges. Which to me is all expected due to her low muscle tone. It is harder for her to pull up, stand and keep her balance, walk, crawl, cruise, etc. All of the things we normally take for granted in a baby and just expect them to learn and do on their own. Edie has to work harder in these areas. However, I will say that once she gets it she "gets it"! She is now crawling and pulling up like a mad man. She is beginning to cruise very well to her left side. We are working on her right side now. All of the therapist continue to comment on her strength and how well she is doing. She no longer has to wear her hip pants (the baby spanx) unless she is showing weakness while standing or keeping her legs too far apart while standing, sitting, etc. So I am soooo happy about that. They can put a kink in a baby girls wardrobe. It is hard to look good in a T-shirt and biker shorts!

Edie is also really showing off with some of her toys. We are still working on "in and out play" and "give". Edie likes to throw. She has a few toys where she has to put a ball in a hole to make it sing or move. She has learned this and so often we will catch her sitting on the floor trying her best to get the ball in the hole. Most of the time she makes it and will raise her hands in the air to show her excitement. She loves to clap and play "peek-a-boo". She is too cute. Sometimes she will put her hands to her face and peek out from her fingers or if she has a cloth of any kind she will throw it on her head and wait for you to say "where's Edie?" then she will yank it off and giggle. I will have to get video of that next.

Edie now has four teeth coming in at once! Three on top and one on the bottom. They are coming in sooooooo slow too. She has not shown any signs of discomfort until this morning. Or so we think it is from her teeth. We gave her teething tablets for the first time to see if it would help with what ever is bothering her. She is drooling like crazy, even blowing bubbles and spitting sometimes. She cried a lot this morning. Not cry, cry but real whine and she woke up early crying out which is unusual. Yesterday I gave her a teething biscuit for snack. She loves them but boy are they messy. She got a bath early since she had it all over her face, chest, arms and in her hair. After her bath while I was putting on her lotion she started sucking her thumb (which she does now to show she is sleepy or hungry). So I picked her up and rocked her to sleep. It was so nice. Just me and her rocking in her room. I wanted to hold her all day and I probably would have if it were not having to get back to work.

She is growing so fast. I know I say that a lot, but she is. Too fast. Honestly, selfishly, sometimes I am thankful she is not walking yet. I feel this way because I know soon she will be. It is only a matter of time and when that day comes we will be so proud of her! But I love being able to hold her longer than most moms get to hold their babies. I love that she is a baby just a smidgen longer than most. I don't want her to grow up so fast that I can't remember where the time went. I want to savor every moment. She has the rest of her life to be a kid,a teenager and then an adult. Right now I am grateful for my baby - just still being a baby.