Happy Memorial Day!

We had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we spent the day with Aunt Mindy, Chuck and several other friends at Chuck's Smith Lake house. Although it rained and we were not able to go swimming or boating we still had fun being indoors and just hanging out. Edie had fun being with Aunt Mindy and being held and hugged by everyone. She was adorable as always.
After church the Poole's came over and we went out to the pool. Edie had not napped all morning or afternoon so she took a quick nap at the pool before dinner. We had a boston butt Scott had bought and Chris made the greatest baked beans ever!! On Monday we did a little bit of nothing. We did finally venture out to WalMart to get some supplies for our up coming VACATION to the BEACH!!!!
We can NOT wait!! We will be leaving this Saturday and will not be back for a WHOLE WEEK!!! So look for many, many, many photos of Edie's first trip to the beach!
Until then we made a Memorial Day photo collage for you. Edie looked so cute in her Red, White and Blue I had to get some photos of her. My absolute favorite is the one of her on the bottom right with her legs hanging off the sofa. She has such a cute, pretty, perfect smile in this pic. Can you tell we are in love with our baby!

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  1. Edie is such the fashionista! I love her shoes...I must get some for Audrey. :) Also, I love your pics of the Coldplay concert. So fun!

  2. Awwww! she is ABSOLUTELY precious! my fave is the bottom right! I love the shoes, i wonder if they have them in my size???