Yellow Duck

We wanted to share with you this cute little hand-knitted sweater and hat that Ms. Flossie made for Edie. It is precious! Ms. Flossie baby sat Scott when he was a baby and also knitted Mindy a dress when she was a child. I can not wait until it gets cooler so she can wear it!

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Great Giddo

Things are getting back to normal around here now that GiGi is back this week after spending a few weeks in Jacksonville, FL visiting Great Giddo and family. Edie's Great Giddo is not feeling well and needs your prayers. Scott is planning to go to Jacksonville to visit him in the next few weeks. Edie and I would like to go along as well but I am afraid of flying with her this early. So we will stay behind for now and hold down the fort.

While GiGi was out of town Edie and I ate, worked, played, ate, worked and played some more. I had a couple of days I did not think I would make it working and keeping her at the same time - but as you can see we made it just fine. Actually looking back she was perfect it was my customers who were driving me crazy!!

Edie is now eating cereal for breakfast and a solid at dinner. We have tried most all of the vegies at this point and she has done really well with all of them. We do believe that so far the carrots are her favorite. i can not wait to give her fruit since it will be her first really sweet taste. She is eating really well with the spoon and seems to enjoy being in her highchair. I think daddy does a better job of keeping her clean during feeding than I do. She is so in love with Scott. Her face just lights up when he is around her.

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Thank you for voting

We wanted to thank all of you who voted for Edie in the Alabama's Most Lovable Baby contest. Although she did not win we all know she is beautiful and it meant so much to us to hear from all of you. It is amazing how far Edie's Blog has circulated. She has had over 400 people to visit in less than two weeks. We love you and we appreciate your love for Edie. Also if any of you out there have your own Blog I would love to add it to our list!

Sweet Peas

We are now starting on solids once each night. Here is a photo of Edie's first taste of sweet peas. She gaged and made plenty of funny faces. She had the most fun spitting and blowing it back on us!

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CoCo Bongo

If you are ever in Cancun you should definitely visit CoCo Bongo! It is a great time. They pack in about 1000 people for a Vegas Style show. We saw Madonna, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Spider Man, Beetle Juice, and more celebrities. They also had several different acts while hanging from ropes. A lot of fun!!

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Scott and I had a wonderful time while in Cancun. As you can tell the resort was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Click on the photos to enlarge.

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Happy Birthday!

Edie had a great birthday weekend (6 months)! Aunt Mindy and Chuck came to the pool on Saturday - then on Sunday her other Aunt Kelli, Uncle David and cousins Wyatt and Wesley came to play as well. Saturday we cooked out at a friends.
Scott and I are leaving Wednesday for Mexico! We are happy and sad. Happy to get away and relax, but of course sad to leave Edie. We know she will be well taken care of by her Nan and PawPaw - but we are still sad to leave her behind. It will be Scott's first time to be away from her for several days. Thankfully we have unlimited long distance calling to the US from our resort so we can check in often. I am sure my mom and dad will be tired of our calling by the end of the week!
Voting ends this Wednesday for Alabama's Most Lovable Baby. Please do not forget to vote for Edie!

Cousin Lovin

Edie had a great time with her cousins Wyatt and Wesley Sunday at the pool!
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My First Ponytail

Edie had her first ponytail this weekend too!
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Aaron Meets His Match

I think Edie may have found a new boyfriend. She could not keep her hands off of Bradan.

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Our little munchkins!

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Friends - Babies

My girlfriends, husbands and babies had a small gathering this weekend for our friend Nicole's homecoming. It is hard to believe we are all grown up and having babies! Congratulations to Amanda and Apple on their new bundle of joy! Merritt was born this past Wednesday - family is doing great!

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Christmas in July

Edie wanted to share with you an early Christmas gift she received from her GiGi. Isn't it beautiful! GiGi cross stitched this by hand and had made into a wonderful stocking for Edie. GiGi has also cross stitched a little girl kneeling and saying a prayer for Edie. We have this framed in Edie's room. I will have to share with you another time since Edie is sleeping now.

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It's A Girl!!

Congratulations to our good friends Jimmy and Vanessa Walters and their son Andrew. They learned today they are having a baby girl!! Edie is going to have so many girlfriends to play with!


Vote for Edie!!

Edie has been entered in the Alabama's Most Lovable Baby contest. The winner will be featured on the cover of Portico (a local magazine) and will win a photo shoot which would be great for her 1 year!! Voting is open until July 16th. You can vote by clicking on the "Vote for Edie - Alabama's Most Lovable Baby" link on the top right of the Blog. Voting takes about 2 minutes and you can vote as many times as you wish. There are so many lovable babies you may miss Edie - to help you will be looking for a picture similar to this one below. Thanks for your Vote!!

Look for This Picture of Edie

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To end the weekend our friends Melissa and Tanner Bailey came over to visit. Their son Aaron is now 9 months old. He and Edie swam and played. As you can see from the pictures they are in love! Arron was so sweet as he kissed all over Edie. I think they both got a kick out of one another. And we got a kick out of watching them.
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Dinner Party at Charlie's

Saturday night we went to our friends Ashley and Eric Caldwell's for a cookout. They have a beautiful 7 month old named Charlie. As you can see Edie found him very interesting. Charlie was kind enough to let Edie play in one of his toys. A cross between a walker and a exersaucer. We could not believe how well she held herself up and played alone with the toys. Scott and I are definitely getting her one of these this week. I think it gave her freedom to play and it made her feel secure at the same time. She loved it!!
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We watched fireworks from our back patio. We had a great view of the show they had in downtown Helena. Edie slept through the whole event!
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4th of July

We spent most of our 4th at the new neighborhood pool. We found Edie a great float with a shade which she really enjoyed!
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