Chickens, Puppies and Cousins

We have been spending a lot of time at Nannie's and Pawpaw's this summer.  It has been so nice going back "home" eating good home cooked meals, spending time with my parents and just being in the country with them.  One of the biggest highlights for Edie is to feed the chickens.  She LOVES to feed the "bock-bock's" and would feed them 10 x's a day if Pawpaw would let her.  They also have about 10 other four legged farm animals called puppies.  Edie loves to play with them until they all start to surround her and nip at her legs and then she is ready for them to "go!".  During one of our trips Edie's cousins - Wyatt, Wesley and Wylie also came to stay and play.  They had a fun time playing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, playing dolls, dress up and loving on one another.  I love to watch Edie play with her family at her grandparents; it makes for such great memories.

Class of 2011

We recently celebrated Edie's graduation from The Bell Center.  A nice ceremony was held for all of TBC graduates and families at Canterbury Methodist Church.  During the ceremony each child received an actual diploma from Ms. Betty Bell, founder of The Bell Center.  There was also a slide show showcasing each child, their graduation photo and photos from their time while at TBC.  

We are so proud of Edie and all of the things she has accomplished these past three years.  I can remember the very first day we entered TBC and met with Ms. Betty.  I remember Edie's first visit at just 6 weeks old.  I enjoyed going with Edie to her visits when she was just an infant and learning new techniques and things to help her with her development.  It was fun to see her working towards her goals and it was even more fun to see her accomplish each of them.  We still have much to work on and we will miss TBC, the staff and the children; but we look forward to what the future holds for Edie and the adventurous road getting there!

Mother's Day 2011

As you can see I am still playing catch-up in the blogging world.  I really do try.  It is always on my list of things "to do" but somehow it just keeps going to the back of the line.  We have been having such a fabulous summer and I have so much to post, but there just never seems to be enough time to sit down and do it.  So today while Edie is napping I have decided to get at least two-three things on the blog.

So going back to Mother's Day.......we had a great day.  Church, then brunch at Silvertron.  All I wanted for the day was to be with my family and have the HUGE fried mushrooms that I remember from Silvertron.  I can't say much about the mushrooms (they were not as I remembered) but I can say that I had a wonderful day with my family.  Playing, napping and eating one of Scott's wonderful home cooked meals.  I am so blessed, we are so blessed.  I love being a mom and I look forward to being a mom of two soon.  I just hope that our baby boy is just as sweet as his big sister :)


Beach Baby

Back in MAY we took a short trip to the beach and I can not believe I am just now getting around to blogging about it!  We actually left the day the tornadoes hit Alabama.  We could not (still can not) believe the destruction this terrible storm left behind.  We continue to pray for the families who were affected.

Although the winds were strong and the waters were cold we still managed to make it to the pools and to the beach.  I have not been to the beach so early in the season (since spring break ) and I had forgotten how cold the beach can be in May.  Cold!  None the less we had a good time.  The resort we stayed at was beautiful with plenty of kid friendly pools.  We ate plenty of good seafood, a little watermelon, we got a little sun and Edie was in her dream "sand-box" so life was good :)  We hope to make it back again this summer once the water has warmed up!