Chickens, Puppies and Cousins

We have been spending a lot of time at Nannie's and Pawpaw's this summer.  It has been so nice going back "home" eating good home cooked meals, spending time with my parents and just being in the country with them.  One of the biggest highlights for Edie is to feed the chickens.  She LOVES to feed the "bock-bock's" and would feed them 10 x's a day if Pawpaw would let her.  They also have about 10 other four legged farm animals called puppies.  Edie loves to play with them until they all start to surround her and nip at her legs and then she is ready for them to "go!".  During one of our trips Edie's cousins - Wyatt, Wesley and Wylie also came to stay and play.  They had a fun time playing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, playing dolls, dress up and loving on one another.  I love to watch Edie play with her family at her grandparents; it makes for such great memories.


  1. Anonymous19.7.11

    I just love the pic of Edie feeding the chickens, too cute!!! Looks like she is having a great time! :)

  2. I love this post! I've been too busy to even check the blog lately and enjoyed reading about Edie's time at her Grandparents and with her cousins. Those are times she will always remember and cherish. The pictures are precious! She is growing up so quickly, too. What a beautiful little girl you have!!