So Much to Be Thankful For

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. We are so thankful for our family, our friends, for our health and the love that was shown during the "2nd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser" honoring Edie and benefiting The Bell Center. We had around 200 family and friends to join us at the beautiful Summer Classics Showroom in Pelham for a great time of food, fun music and fellowship. Unfortunately {once again} I got so caught up in the evening I neglected to take any photos. These are the only 3 that Scott managed to snap at the end of the night. {next year I vow to find someone to do a better job at this than I have for the past two years}

With or with out the proof of photos the event was just as successful as it was fun. We raised over $11,000 for The Bell Center during the night of the fundraiser! Everyone was wowed by the great silent auction items and we were wowed by every ones generosity. Not only through their giving but also from the wonderfully talented friends we have who donated items to be part of the silent auction. Over 25% of the items we had were hand made with love from many of these talented friends. We are so grateful for everything and everyone. You have no idea how much your love for our daughter and for the children at The Bell Center means to us. We love you all so much.

Although the party may be over the fundraising is not. We still have until February 20th to raise money for
The Bell Center for Early Intervention. So please if you have not already given we urge you to visit Edie's Firstgiving Page today and make a difference for these precious children. You can also pass on the link to anyone else who you feel would like to take part in this wonderful cause.

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Iron Bowl 2009

We spent game day with Aunt Mindy, Chuck and friends eating, cheering and screaming at times. Edie had a great time playing with Bailey and some of the other kiddos. Bailey and Edie eventually found Chuck's guitar and played some beautiful victory music for us!

We have noticed so many beautiful changes in Edie lately but most recently we have noticed how well she is playing with others. While at Nan's and Pawpaw's Edie and Wesley played in the toy room for over an hour by themselves - which was a first for Edie. Normally she clings to us everywhere we go, even while at Chuck's she showed more of her independence wanting to play like a big girl. I guess our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. I have to say it does make us feel good to see her so involved with other children.

While Aunt Mindy was in Las Vegas at her tennis tournament {which they won Nationals!} she bought Edie a green M&M monkey that says "I love chocolate" when you push it - by the way Edie showed us that - anyway she LOVES it! She especially loves wearing it! Above is a photo of Edie with "a monkey on her back". Too cute!

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Thanksgiving Indians, Pilgrims and Turkeys

We had such a great Thanksgiving Holiday. We all went down to Billingsley to spend time with Nan, Pawpaw, Uncle Zach, Uncle Mark, Great Grandaddy and The Smith Crew {Wyatt the Indian, Welsley the Pilgrim, Wyley the Baby} and Edie was the Turkey.

Wyatt and Wesley did a great job of decorating the table for our feast. They made the place settings complete with name cards, feather place mats and Indian and Pilgrim figures for everyone. They also had a skit planned out to teach us the true meaning of Thanksgiving. At the last minute they "turkeyed" out - so we have been promised a Christmas Play in its place.

Everything was perfect. Even the very, very fried Thanksgiving Turkey. It may look overdone - but it tasted delicious! Really.....it did.

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Merry Christmas to Me!

You know your a true mom, wife and old lady when you ask Santa for a new washer and dryer. Santa came early this year and delivered my new "toys". Our old ones had-had it. By the time they made their farewell wash the dryer was taking over and hour to dry a load of clothes. This new one will dry in less than 15 minutes! Woo Hoo!

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Walking and Talking

Edie has really been walking and talking lately. She has graduated from a typical push "toy" to an actual walker. She has been doing really well with her walker too. She has learned how to maneuver around objects and turn on her own pretty well making it easier for her to walk longer lengths at a one time. She still uses her push toys and probably enjoys them a bit more {since her walker does not sing and talk to her} - but the weight of the walker is so much better and it helps her to stand up straight rather than having to bend down to push and walk.
The funniest thing Edie has been doing lately is pretending to talk on the phone. She is constantly asking for the "gome" and putting her hand to her ear. If she sees us talking on the phone or hears the phone ring her eyes light up and she has the cutest look on her face. She has several toy phones but she is smart enough to know that the ones that really work are on the counter or in ma-ma's purse. So of course these are the ones she prefers. She will carry on pretty long conversations too. We tell her Santa is on the "gome" and wants to know if she is being a good girl - which of course she is!
I have tried several times to capture her walking and talking on video but every time she sees the camera she stops what she is doing to go for the camera. I will keep trying.

Polo at Point Clear

I found these photos on the camera tonight and realized that I never posted about our fantastic weekend getaway. About a month ago Scott and I attended The Polo at Point Clear. We were VIP! Which is a first for us as was the mere fact of attending a Polo match. One of my customers which happens to be The Grand Marriott in Point Clear hosted a VIP tent and we were invited to showcase our furniture and attend as guest. We had a lot of fun dressing up and {me} wearing a really BIG hat. I can't say I learned anything about Polo but I did enjoy several good drinks and a lot of great food! The best part of it all was spending some quality time with Scott and just getting away.

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Parties {x3}

We have been partying like Rock Stars lately and it has been so much fun! I love seeing Edie interacting with other children. Our first party was for Edie's buddy Carter who turned three. The party was held at a painting place in Homewood. Edie did a great job painting her fairy in between taste testing the paints. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Our next party was for Edie's buddy Charlie who turned two. This party was at Soccer Blast. It was a blast too! Edie's favorite part was the bouncy. She wanted nothing more than to bounce around with the other kids. I got in there with her and we played for a while. She was so cute bouncing up and down, going through the circle {many times all by herself} and and sliding down the slide. She had so much fun! So much so that she passed out before we had cake!

The last party on the party train was at Veterans Park for Allie's 2nd Birthday. We had yummy cupcakes and juice. Edie had a great time playing with the other children and especially sliding down the slide. I would put her up on the toddler play yard and she would climb up to the slide and say "sly". I would say ok and stand beside the slide. She would then turn around and back up to the top of the slide and go down backwards all by herself!! It was so stinkin cute! A's mom and dad filmed it on camera - so maybe they will be able to send to me so we can share. By the end of the party Edie was filthy with food and dirt. And A had a icing mouth too!

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It's a Family Tradition

We have been going to Gatlinburg each year around this time for about 10-12 years. My mom and dad bought into a time share many moons ago and although they may have some regrets now {about the timeshare} we have shared so many great memories there. We used to hike in the mountains, eat a picnic lunch and not come back until dark. Then we progressed to short hikes and dinner out. Most recently we have moved to driving everywhere and eating most all meals out. My how things change.

In the beginning we were able to all go as a family too but as the years have past and our families have grown we can not all fit! Therefore with out really planning my family and Aunt Kelli's family have been rotating each year. It really has worked out well. I went with mom and dad when Kelli was busy with babies and pregnancy, Kelli's family went last year when Edie was still a baby and this year we went now that Kelli has another new baby.

We always have fun going into the mountains and visiting the local crafters. We always visit with one local potter {is that what you call it?} and buy a piece of pottery from him. Nan, Kelli and myself all have a collection. Collecting one piece at a time making it a fun tradition. I love family traditions and history - I can't wait for My family {Scott, Edie and her future brothers and sisters} to make our own too!!

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Edie and Pawpaw

Wildlife In counters - {notice Scott in the background} Yes that is a real bear!

Edie and Scott had so much fun playing and looking at the creek

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Snails and Ladybugs

Last year we bought Edie a snail costume for Halloween only to discover that it was way too big. So although she is now 21 months old she was finally able to wear her 12 month old snail costume for Halloween. As you can see she was too cute! Normally Edie does not like hats but this hat was different. I am not sure if it was the bulging eyeballs or the fact that she knew she was so cute in it - but whatever the reason she wore it with out a fuss. We were not able to get out and Trick or Treat in Gatlinburg because of the rain. However, Edie did sport her snail costume all during dinner at a local restaurant. She was the cutest snail ever!

Nan and Pawpaw surprised her with a big fat Ladybug for Halloween. She loves to lay on it and pat it to sleep. Something else she likes to pat to sleep is her dolls. That is right after she drinks their milk!

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Kitty Cat

We were surprised last week with a gift in the mail from Ms. Jackie {Edie's other Grandmother}. It was the cutest little dress with orange bows and a black cat just in time for Halloween. Edie wore this dress for three days in a row! Her final debut was during the trip to Gatlinburg. It fit perfectly and looked so sweet on Edie. Thank you Ms. Jackie! We also received a precious handmade dress from Ms. Jackie for Christmas which was delivered by Nan. I can't wait to put Edie in it too!!
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Holiday Photo Shoot

I am still trying to catch up on my posts. We have had a lot of things going on with the fundraiser and our recent trip to Gatlinburg {I will post pictures later} but for now I wanted to share with you photos from our recent shoot with Grethel. We met with her last Friday morning for pictures. It was hot, humid and Edie was not in the best of moods by the end of the shoot - but we still got some really GREAT photos of her! And us! Once again our house will be filled with new photos but I promised Scott that a little wall space will remain in our house. I just can't help it though. I love my beautiful little girl!
go to www.gvephotography.com click on client and enter password - edie. Enjoy!