Iron Bowl 2009

We spent game day with Aunt Mindy, Chuck and friends eating, cheering and screaming at times. Edie had a great time playing with Bailey and some of the other kiddos. Bailey and Edie eventually found Chuck's guitar and played some beautiful victory music for us!

We have noticed so many beautiful changes in Edie lately but most recently we have noticed how well she is playing with others. While at Nan's and Pawpaw's Edie and Wesley played in the toy room for over an hour by themselves - which was a first for Edie. Normally she clings to us everywhere we go, even while at Chuck's she showed more of her independence wanting to play like a big girl. I guess our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. I have to say it does make us feel good to see her so involved with other children.

While Aunt Mindy was in Las Vegas at her tennis tournament {which they won Nationals!} she bought Edie a green M&M monkey that says "I love chocolate" when you push it - by the way Edie showed us that - anyway she LOVES it! She especially loves wearing it! Above is a photo of Edie with "a monkey on her back". Too cute!

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