Saturday night we celebrated Wylie's 1st Birthday. Again, I say it all of the time, but where does the time go? How can she be one already? Aunt Kelli out did herself on the birthday dinner too! We had chicken casserole, steamed veggies, fresh tomatoes, peas, bread, strawberry dessert AND cake!! I ate, and ate, and ate!! Everything was delicious - the food, the cake and the sweet baby girl!

Something else special happened that night too. I have been anticipating the day when Edie could sit at the "big kid" table and eat without us by her side. Well Saturday she did and she did great! I actually think she found Wyatt, Wesley and Camille so entertaining that she forgot what she was doing and ate almost all of her plate! I was so proud of her. I was also proud of how well she played in Wesley's room with all of her cousins. Aside from the occasional hitting on Wylie (which we are aware of and working on) she did great.
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Roll Tide!

Scott, Edie and I were invited this weekend to go on a tour of Bryant Denny Stadium by the Caldwell family. They won the tour during the "2ND Annual Ladybug Fundraiser" and we were twice blessed by the Caldwell's - once when they made the donation to our cause and won the tour and twice when they invited us to go with them! We were so excited to see what all Alabama fans out there want to see! We saw the recruiting room, the press room, the locker room and the big "A" where the players and coaches stand, the sky/VIP boxes (which cost around 500K I might add) and the newly planted field. We had a great time and we would have documented so many wonderful photos of it if only I had remembered the SIM card which was back home in my computer and NOT in my camera!! UGH!! Therefore the above snaps were taken with Scott's camera phone. :(Sorry again Scott :(
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5 years

Scott and I recently celebrated our 5Th year anniversary. I can not believe it has already been 5 years! Where does the time go is all I have to say! It is hard to believe that in 5 years we have lived in three different homes (great memories, great homes and did a good job at selling each of them I must say), moved to Mobile and back, now on our 4Th car (we have a way with lemons), had 1 car stolen out of our driveway ("now" a funny story), lived in our "new" home for almost three years and have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old! Oh and Ziggy is still with us (poor Ziggy). There is so much more I could add to this 5 years of total bliss, but I will not bore you with the details.

All kidding aside Scott and I have a wonderful life. I married a wonderful man and Edie has a wonderful father. I can not ever say it enough "Scott is an AWESOME father and husband". We have made some great memories these past 5 years. We have shared a lot of laughs, a lot of tears and a lot of GREAT times! I am still grateful, very honored, so blessed and just as excited as I was 5 years ago when I said "I do". Thank you for 5 wonderful years and Thank you Edie for making 2 1/2 of those our best!!
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The big DQ

So we have been busy lately - I know, I know, I always say that.  But I promise you I am not kidding!  Between work, nest EGgS design (check out the NEW look BTW) and life in general we stay busy.  I love it most of the time, I wish things would slow down some of the time, and I would not have it any other way all of the time.  I live for cahos!! 

We did take a break last Sunday and made a trip to the big DQ for some ice cream.  You really can't beat DQ's ice cream even with all of those other fancy ice cream and yogurt shops out there.  However, I still have not been to Yogurt Mountain and once I do I may change my tune.  But for now I am sticking with DQ.  Edie LOVES ice cream.  BUT only if she can eat it all by herself, with her own spoon.  She is a bit like her mommy and does not like to share when it comes to food :)


Grethel Van Epps Photography

So my all time favorite photographer, Grethel Van Epps Photography is doing another contest and this time the winner will receive a free session AND $100 print credit and all I have to do is tell you how I really feel! 

She is truly the best!  I found Grethel's information at the Baby Palooza a few years back and I am not even sure if I met her that day or if I just picked up her pamphlet from a random table.  Anyway I loved her work and I held on to it waiting for Edie to turn one.  So once she finally did we booked our session and we have been using her ever since.  We have had four sessions with Grethel since that first booking and I have LOVED everything she has done.  My house has gone from a few black and white photos of landscapes to a shrine of our daughter and of our family in eye popping colors!  I have counted and as of today we have 37 photos on display that GVE took throughout our home!  I can't believe it myself - slow down sista!

To top it all off Grethel has become a great friend of mine.  She has supported our "Ladybug Fundraiser" by donating a $700 value photo package, she did the photo shoot for the Save the Dates for the fundraiser last year, she has become the preferred photographer of Hillsboro (where we live), she helped me to launch nest EGgS design by donating her talent and getting word out and she is just plain fun to hang around with!  Can't get enough of GVE and I mean that!  GVE is a great photographer and a great friend - winning the contest would just be a bonus :)  Check her out for yourself and you can enter the contest too!!  Even if you don't know her personally, just share what you like about her work www.gvephotography.com/blog and www.gvephotography.com


Let Freedom Ring!

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend!! We started with watching the firework shows from the top of our neighborhood. We could see Helena's, the Hoover Met and another show that was going on in downtown Birmingham. We were not sure how Edie would react since this was the first time she had ever experienced the fireworks, she LOVED it! We had glow sticks for all of the kiddos since it was so dark out there and Edie waved her stick shouting "yeaaaaaa" after each boom! It was so cute! We had fun and Edie got to bed around 10:00

Sunday we went to the pool and afterwards we went to our neighbor's for more food and fun. The D's cooked a yummy Boston butt with all of the fixins. Edie's favorite part was the watermelon as you can see! And after Maxwell taught her how to eat it with no hands it made it even more fun for her. She, Mason and Maxwell were so cute together. They played so well and we even think there may have been some flirting going on ;) Another great day and Edie got to bed around 9:30

Monday we cooked out at our house with the neighbors again and later on we went to the A's for some boccie ball and more watermelon. Edie was in heaven. She had watermelon and chocolate ice cream from head to toe! That little girl LOVES to get dirty!! We had another great day and another late bed time. Scott and I said she was officially a Big Girl this weekend. She played so well with all of the kids, she had such a great time and she stayed up with the best of them!
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