Edie's Rose Garden Tea Party

It is hard to believe that my little Lady Bug is now 4 years old.  She makes us laugh everyday, surprises us all of the time with her sly little ways and has grown leaps and bounds in the past several months.  I think she knows she is no longer the baby and has taken on the role of a Big Sister quite well.  She LOVES her baby brother and wants to love on him constantly.  She is talking a lot these days and though we can not always understand her she can usually communicate what she is trying to say through sign language.  However, there are some times that she has these long conversations with OA and/or her babies that we have no idea of what she is saying, but I am sure they do :)  And if all else fails we just say "ok".

She has been taking dance lessons for several months now and seems to really enjoy it.  She does tap and ballet once per week at a friend of ours dance studio.  Her favorite dance routine is the Panda Bear and she is too cute when she does it.  Her Gigi and Giddo take her most all of the time to class and I know she loves having her grandparents there with her.  She also takes a gymnastics class at school and a little soccer class too.  She is a busy girl and she never sits still!

For her birthday we had a few of her little girlfriends and family over for a Tea Party.  The theme was a rose garden complete with picnic tables, grass and rose petals right in our dining room.  We also had dress up gloves, hats, boas and a special guest who came and danced with the girls.  OA even got into the act with a pink bow tie (so cute)  The cutest part was watching the little ones drink from their tea cups.  Edie was not as excited about it as I would have hoped, but what can you do with a hard headed birthday girl.  We did manage to sing happy birthday to her and get her to blow out her candle but that was about it.  Regardless everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I was able to get a picture of her two days later with a redo of the birthday song at dinner.  She even gave in and wore her birthday hat for me :)


We had a family day at the McWane Center back in January for an early birthday gift to Edie.  Our main goal was to let her play in the fake snow (because WE thought she would have SO much fun doing it) but once she learned that she had to wear covers over her shoes she wanted nothing to do with it.  Instead she loved playing with the water, anything that showed her reflection and her favorite was the fish tanks.  Scott and I have decided it is time for a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium next.  It was a good day and lots of fun just being a family.