Aldridge Gardens

Edie and I have been taking a photo class from Grethel Van Epps Photography. I have learned so much about our camera and the timing has been perfect. I dropped the camera at the Mercedes Marathon back in February and since then the flash has not worked. But now after taking the class I have learned how to use the camera without the flash - even when it is dark outside! (well not completely dark) Above are a few of my favorite practice shots from our recent class at Aldridge Gardens. I have never been to Aldridge Gardens and we will have to go back soon for more photo shoots!

Edie is becoming more and more of a "big girl" each and every day. Her personality is really blooming. She talks so much now. Especially to her babies. She loves her babies, kisses her babies, bathes them, feeds them and puts them to bed patting them and says "night-night". It is so cute to watch her. I can't get enough of Edie and all of her love.
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We Have Our Selves a Walker!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our baby....walking!

Over the weekend Edie decided she was tired of having dirty knees, stood up and said "look at me!  I'm walking!".  Really she did not say that, but we knew that's what she was thinking :)  Edie is now walking about 75% of the time.  She is still learning how to keep her balance, but she is stopping and starting again, bending and standing, she is even turning to to walk around objects! 

She thinks this is the best thing ever and we could not agree more!  Edie, we are so proud of you!!

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Click to see Edie and Da Da Jump! Jump! Jump!  It may look dangerous, but I promise she is having a blast! 


nest EGgS design

As you know everything about me is "all about Edie". I simply just cannot get enough of her! Last year I met this wonderful friend who made photo necklaces and of course I had to have one of Edie! So I bought one and I LOVED it! I loved it so much that I decided I wanted to learn how to make one myself. I thought about it, read about it and talked about it for months. Finally Scott and my friend Grethel Van Epps was tired of my talking and not doing so they encouraged me to go for it and I did! So after much research, 100's of attempts (and I do mean 100's), many tears and frustrations later I finally found a technique that I felt was perfect and { nest EGgS design } finally "hatched".

{ If you are wondering where { nest EGgS designs } came from let me tell you a little story......... I decided a while back I wanted to do something creative, fun, involving Edie and to put a little money away in my "nest egg" for us girls. Edie's full name is Edith Gabrielle Shunnarah, which is where the EGgS part came in. Brilliant if I do say so myself! }

My friend Grethel of Grethel Van Epps Photography (my most favorite photographer in the world :) was kind enough to not only let me use some of her photos from past sessions for my samples but she was also kind enough to take photos of my samples to get me started. She has also advertised for me on her fb fan page as well as her blog. Grethel is having a contest and will be giving away 3 of my necklaces so please visit her blog to enter and win one for yourself!!

I have lots of ideas for { nest EGgS design } and this is just the beginning - please take some time to visit the blog and see for yourself what we have instore for you. Don't forget to tell your hubby you want one for Mother's Day or you can just buy one for yourself or for your own Mother or Grandmother!!


Easter Sunday

Edie in her Easter dress with Aunt Mindy
We had the perfect Easter Sunday. Church, lunch at Gigi's and Giddo's and an Easter Egg Hunt. Edie got more chocolates and candies (as did mom and dad) a new summer outfit and money eggs!! To our surprise after we got home we found a few special gifts in Edie's eggs. I do believe Edie has more money than we do. As a matter of fact, I am sure of it! Thank you Gigi and Giddo for a fabulous lunch and all of the goodies!
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This year the Easter Bunny brought Edie much more than just chocolates and bubbles.....he brought a SONIC gift card too!! Thanks Nannie and Pawpaw!
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Easter Weekend

Edie and her cousin Wylie
Edie walking all  by herself
Saturday we spent the afternoon with my family in down South. We headed to Clanton after Edie's nap for a Easter Egg Hunt and dinner out. The day could not have been more beautiful. Scott and I did not know what to expect with Edie and the egg hunt. We were not sure if she would understand or even like it. Well she did clearly understand, she found six eggs and placed them all in her basket. Edie absolutely LOVED it! As you can see she loved holding and walking with her basket like a big girl. She even got up a few times and carried her basket all by herself - such a show off! The smiles just warm my heart.
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April Already!

Where oh where does the time go? I just posted "Is it March Already?" for goodness sakes!! I can't believe how fast these days are going by. Something else I can not believe is how much Edie has changed this past month. She is talking a lot more, singing, laughing out loud at her videos on TV (which is so funny to see), dancing, standing and walking short distances all on her own! She is doing this so well that it has become her nightly entertainment. She tries each night to see how many times she can stand and sit, stand and fall, stand and walk. Over and over again just giggling away. She thinks it is fun. We think it is GREAT!! These are a few photos from Edie at The Bell Center last week.
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