We Have Our Selves a Walker!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our baby....walking!

Over the weekend Edie decided she was tired of having dirty knees, stood up and said "look at me!  I'm walking!".  Really she did not say that, but we knew that's what she was thinking :)  Edie is now walking about 75% of the time.  She is still learning how to keep her balance, but she is stopping and starting again, bending and standing, she is even turning to to walk around objects! 

She thinks this is the best thing ever and we could not agree more!  Edie, we are so proud of you!!


  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. She is SO adorable!! I know what an accomplishment it is to have them walking!!

  3. Giddo and GiGi17.4.10


    You are just doing great. You're getting so fast with your toddling around that Giddo and I can hardly keep up with you. We're having a great time trying though. We're so very proud of you and all that you. We love, love, love you.