Aldridge Gardens

Edie and I have been taking a photo class from Grethel Van Epps Photography. I have learned so much about our camera and the timing has been perfect. I dropped the camera at the Mercedes Marathon back in February and since then the flash has not worked. But now after taking the class I have learned how to use the camera without the flash - even when it is dark outside! (well not completely dark) Above are a few of my favorite practice shots from our recent class at Aldridge Gardens. I have never been to Aldridge Gardens and we will have to go back soon for more photo shoots!

Edie is becoming more and more of a "big girl" each and every day. Her personality is really blooming. She talks so much now. Especially to her babies. She loves her babies, kisses her babies, bathes them, feeds them and puts them to bed patting them and says "night-night". It is so cute to watch her. I can't get enough of Edie and all of her love.
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