I'm Lake'n It!!

During our fundraiser for The Bell Center last November Mr. Chuck was kind enough to donate his lake house on Smith Lake as one of the silent auction items. Our neighbors, the Adam's family, won the week but he also doubled the donation and offered it to another group that really wanted it as well. This group was four of my girlfriends and their families. Scott, Edie and I were lucky enough to be invited by them to come along as well.
Edie, Ziggy and I went up early and Scott commuted to and from work so he could be with us too. Most everyone trickled in by Friday and the fun began. There were 10 adults and 5 babies eating, sleeping and playing all under one roof by Saturday. We had a Mexican Fiesta one night for dinner and a shrimp boil on another night. We ate like kings!
The kiddos had a blast as did the parents. We played a lot of Phase 10 and wii. Scott and I had never played wii before. It was so much fun! I have never really been a video fan, but the wii is a whole nother story. We must have one of our own now! Maybe this will be a Christmas gift to ourselves this year. The rain finally stopped by Saturday and the day was perfect!! We swam, rode the boat (Merritt and Edie's and Ziggy's first boat ride) and had a blast as you can see from the photos we had a lot of fun.
Thank you so much to Chuck and to my friends The Bailey Family, The Wildsmith Family, The Sanders Family and The Peterson Family for many great memories. We love you all so much!!


Texting While Driving


I know most of you may have seen this already as it is being passed around. But I thought it was so worth sharing too. I am guilty myself of texting while driving. Once Edie was born I said that I would never text or email while she was in the car. I am guilty of this too. But after seeing this it reminds me of what a stupid thing texting, emailing, twittering (i do not do this for sure) is while being behind the wheel. I make a promise never to do this again. There is no matter out there in this world that is more important than the safety of my daughter, my family, my self and others. From now on it can wait.


Beautiful Broadmoor

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Scott and I took a last minute trip to Colorado last week to visit a client of mine. We started off in Colorado Springs, CO at the world renowned Broadmoor Resort. I sold furniture to them a while back and due to some mistakes we had to visit the site to help with re-installing some products. Believe me - we were not disappointed in having to do this. It was actually a dream come true. Scott and I had a wonderful time while in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor. Although we were not lucky enough to stay on site due to the resort being booked we were lucky enough to get a lot of one-on-one time with the staff and receive a personal tour of the hotel and grounds. During our visit we saw so many deer!! They were just running around like pets! Above is a photo Scott took with his phone. The largest rack I have ever seen in person for sure. It even still had fuzz on the horns. The resort was breath taking. i look forward to a return trip.

After we finished up at The Broadmoor we headed to Denver where we spent the remainder of the weekend. Scott's sweet cousin, Kelly, was kind enough to get us tickets to see the Rockies and Cubs game. The stadium was beautiful. the weather was perfect and the seats were great. We had a wonderful time at the game and all weekend for that matter. It was nice to really experience a state that I visit frequently but really never take the time to enjoy. I am so glad that Scott and I had this opportunity to be together and enjoy the weekend.

While we were away - I feel we were gone forever! Edie made some really great progress. She has become so strong with her standing and cruising around furniture. She stands very well at the fridge, sofa, ottoman, doors, hanging on our legs, etc. I am excited to see her having such confidence but with confidence comes bumps and bruises. We have experienced a lot of falls in the past few days. I want to protect her from everything - but I guess some things are to be expected and I am sure there are more to come. She has also started to open kitchen cabinets making it obvious that soon we will need to baby proof everything. I really think she will be walking soon. I can't wait and I can wait all at the same time!

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My Pretty New Dress

We were told by Nan a while back that Ms. Jackie had made Edie a beautiful smocked dress. However.........Nan never could remember to bring it with her when she would visit. So after a much overdue visit to Billingsley Edie finally received her beautiful handmade dress. I can not tell you how special this is to me (and Edie). It has a little red pomegranate vine pattern in the material and a smocked collar. The smocking detail is phenomenal. It has a heart shape border on the bottom and solid hearts in the center. To top it off it has handmade lace in a cream color. There is a word for this type of lace made by hand - but since I am not gifted with such sewing talents I have no idea what it is called. Edie is so fortunate to have such loving people such as Ms. Jackie in her life. We are as well. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I LOVE handmade treasures and this dress is nothing short of a treasure.

Ms. Jackie you, once again, have outdone your self. This will be a perfect dress for the fall and beyond! I love it and Edie looks so precious in it. Thank you so much! We love you! Edie sends you sloppy kisses!!

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My Toys

Edie is so proud of her pink doll house and Noah's Ark. She will sit and play for hours (not really - about 10 minutes) with them.

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