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Edie liked riding her new trike for almost a full 35 seconds!!

Christmas - Part 2

Christmas Eve {After Santa}

Christmas Morning {Opening Gifts}

When I say Santa may have brought too much, this is exactly what I mean! Maybe shopping online was not such a good idea after all. It is hard to keep up with and remember all you have purchased until it is all delivered and in one room! This year Santa brought Edie a HUGE doll house which he did not realize was made for barbie dolls and not miniature loving family dolls :( These 10 little people could all fit in the bathtub that came with the house at one time! But I guess next year it will give Santa an excuse to bring barbie dolls.

Edie also got a new baby and a diaper bag filled with baby diapers, feeding pieces and a baby potty! She also got some new Elmo videos one of which is a "potty time" video (see where I am going with this? This is the year to be diaper free!!) Elmo jammies, books, games, clothes and under all of this was a pink Tricycle! Which Edie did not even notice until we pointed it out to her! Oh - and Santa brought a pink play tent which Edie could care less about too. Maybe it was all too much? We did not even finish opening all of her gifts or start to dig into her Christmas stocking before she got bored or should I say overwhelmed. However, it did give her something to do over the next few days and Santa learned a good lesson this year.........less is more!

Now all we have to do is sell this house and find a bigger one to fit all of Edie's toys because we have not even gotten to Christmas Part 3 & 4 which is all about the grandparents, aunts and uncles gifts!!
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Christmas - Part 1

Christmas Eve Night - {Before Santa}

As you can see Edie was so super cute in her Christmas jammies. I bought these thinking we would go on the train ride in Columbiana, the North Pole Express. I had no idea this thing sold out months before!! Next year we will be more prepared and we will get tickets way in advance. Edie has really become the little picture poser. She knows what the camera is for and when you tell her to say "cheese" she will smile so big and stand still for us! Then she wants to see herself in the screen. Edie is such a ham, a cute ham :)

We still did not quite understand the Christmas Elf this year, but we did read the book and gave him a name. Scott and I had some fun with him too! One day we found him in the kitchen with all of the paper towels pulled from the holder and he was swinging from them across the kitchen. On another day we found him recovering from some Christmas parties with a cucumber on his head next to a bottle of spilled advil. And on the last day we found him in the fridge hiding in the butter tray with a carrot in his mouth. Next year I have a feeling he will be doing a lot more crazy things ;)

Once Edie was all tucked in for the night Santa did his magic and brought his gifts. Maybe too many gifts.......
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Gorham's Bluff

A few years ago we "tried" to start a new family tradition for ourselves. Just a quick getaway the night before Christmas Eve to relax, build a fire, roast some marsh mellows and be together. Unfortunately due to the hectic lives we live, we were unable to make it last year but this year we were determined. I am not sure if you have ever heard of Gorham's Bluff but it is worth the short drive for even just one night, which is what we do. There is nothing to do but spend time together :) They have several different cottages you can rent as well as a lodge where they have a B&B. We have only been in the winter, but we would love to visit during the spring/summer. I bet it is beautiful. During the warmer times you can swim, fish and bike ride and they also have some hiking trails.

Each trip we have stayed in a different cottage (house) which I love doing. This time we stayed in "Scott's Cottage". It was a beautiful three bed three bath house, with a huge mud room, living and dining room. It had a great wrap around porch on top and bottom. It was way too big for us especially for just one night, but we loved all of the room! Each time we have had a visit from the local Ladybugs! This time they were drinking water from the kitchen sink. The last time they were all over the master bedroom ceiling. And when I say all over - I mean ALL OVER! But we don't mind, it seems like they belong there and it wouldn't be the same with out them :)

After a great dinner and a restful night we had pigs in a blanket for breakfast and headed back south. Edie was just as pleased as she could be listening to her Highlands CD and watching her Elmo videos. What a great trip! I wish we could do it once a month!!

We played in the leaves, went to the playground, took in some beautiful views and played, played, played inside where it was warm. We danced, watched a video, built a fire and had the most incredible steak dinner. Santa even came to see Edie early at Gorham's Bluff and brought her a new Elmo. We had so much fun. Edie was an Angel during the car rides and while at the cottage. She and I were buddies and I loved every minute of it! We had such a great time being together and just slowing down, if even just for one night.
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Breakfast With Santa

I can not believe December is almost gone and I have not blogged one time!! So let me start from the beginning...........shortly after the 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser we quickly became "Santa's Workshop" with nest EGgS design. We had over 80 orders to fill and just two short weeks to do it! So between work, travel and day to day duties we were up until the wee hours of the night rolling, cutting, baking, sanding and assembling. At the end of the crazy journey Nannie came to help package and ship. We felt so blessed to have so much interest in our work and even more blessed to have completed it all with only one mistake! I accidentally misspelled a name, but we promptly corrected it and all was good :)

Between all of this craziness we had some sickness, I completely lost my voice for a few days, sounded like Darth Vader for a few more, almost lost my mind - but didn't - and then we had Breakfast with Santa. I promise it was a little more enjoyable than the pictures seem. Edie did not like her breakfast, but she LOVED her some Santa! This year Edie has really loved Santa. We practically have had to pull her away from him during her few encounters. I believe it all stems from her light up Santa at Gigi and Giddo's. In her room at their house they have put the large plastic Santa that you would normally see in someones yard. It is a life size nightlight :) Edie kisses it, hugs it and says "Santa". She LOVES it and I am not sure what is going to happen when he gets packed back up!

Her last visit from Santa the night before he came was in our neighborhood. He came through on the firetruck wishing us all a Merry Christmas and telling the kids to get to bed early so he could come visit. Edie pointed, cheered and yelled "Santa". It was magical to see her eyes light up when he rounded the corner. Next year we will get a picture of this too!
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