Breakfast With Santa

I can not believe December is almost gone and I have not blogged one time!! So let me start from the beginning...........shortly after the 3rd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser we quickly became "Santa's Workshop" with nest EGgS design. We had over 80 orders to fill and just two short weeks to do it! So between work, travel and day to day duties we were up until the wee hours of the night rolling, cutting, baking, sanding and assembling. At the end of the crazy journey Nannie came to help package and ship. We felt so blessed to have so much interest in our work and even more blessed to have completed it all with only one mistake! I accidentally misspelled a name, but we promptly corrected it and all was good :)

Between all of this craziness we had some sickness, I completely lost my voice for a few days, sounded like Darth Vader for a few more, almost lost my mind - but didn't - and then we had Breakfast with Santa. I promise it was a little more enjoyable than the pictures seem. Edie did not like her breakfast, but she LOVED her some Santa! This year Edie has really loved Santa. We practically have had to pull her away from him during her few encounters. I believe it all stems from her light up Santa at Gigi and Giddo's. In her room at their house they have put the large plastic Santa that you would normally see in someones yard. It is a life size nightlight :) Edie kisses it, hugs it and says "Santa". She LOVES it and I am not sure what is going to happen when he gets packed back up!

Her last visit from Santa the night before he came was in our neighborhood. He came through on the firetruck wishing us all a Merry Christmas and telling the kids to get to bed early so he could come visit. Edie pointed, cheered and yelled "Santa". It was magical to see her eyes light up when he rounded the corner. Next year we will get a picture of this too!
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