Life and Loves

Our lives are full of joy these days. Edie has grown into a sweet big sister over the past 6 weeks. I honestly believe she has grown by leaps and bounds since her baby brother was born. She is talking so much these days making 3-4 word sentences. She has been minding very well and her teachers have reported that she is actually the best listener in her class. We have been told that she likes to hug her friends A LOT and she has really began to initiate play, which is a nice change from the hitting she was doing to get her friends attention. Edie is also using so many new signs. So much so that I have to break out the sign language book to know what she is telling us! She is SO smart and she has such a good memory it is amazing!

OA is eating very well - and mommy is exhausted from his big appetite :) At his two week visit he weighed in at 10lbs 2oz! I love the bond he and I have formed, however this baby does not like to be put down. If he is awake he wants to either eat or just be held and has now grown fond of sleeping with mommy to the point that he does not want to go in his bassinet. I feel bad, but I guess we have plenty of time to break him (and me) of this habit. Right now I am just going to enjoy cuddling and loving on our sweet baby.

Two Weeks.....

Our good friend Grethel Van Epps of gvephotography.com came to visit us soon after OA was born.  She was sweet enough to bring her camera along and take some sweet pictures of our new love.  And as our baby gift she gave us the entire CD of the session :)  G has been a part of our life since Edie was one, she has been taking Edie's pictures ever since.  I am blessed to have such a sweet lady in our life who too will be having her own baby in the next few weeks.  We can't wait to meet Vivian and watch our babies grow together.  I thank G for all of the wonderful memories she has captured and I am especially grateful for these.


Welcome to the World

Welcome Owen Anderson Shunnarah.  OA was born at 11:42 on September 30th, 2011 weighing 9lbs 4oz and 21 inches and a head full of hair.  The love we have for this little boy is unbelievable, something I did not expect to be honest.  I was afraid of how I would love two little beings equally, but I do.  OA has been such a blessing to us and the perfect addition to our family.

I would be lying if I said we were not nervous going in to deliver OA.  Of course there was so much running through our minds on the health of our new baby boy.  Would he be healthy, would he have all ten fingers and toes and the most obvious, would he be born with DS.  Scott and I chose not to test for any of this and we knew going in that we had a slightly higher risk than most of having a child with DS - but honestly it did not matter.  We want our family to grow and we knew we would love this little boy no matter what.  After all having a child with DS is a blessing.  Simply put, a blessing. 

Edie has really taken to OA and being a big sister.  We have yet to experience any jealously or serious injury to baby OA.  We are still learning how not to love so hard and that baby does not need his diaper changed every 5 minutes :)  Other than that Edie has been a big help.  She hands me diapers and wipes, throws away dirty diapers and loves to help with bath time.  She is very concerned if he cries and can't wait for him to be big enough to sit and play with her.  We are so looking forward to seeing these two grow together and become the best of friends. 

We are truly blessed to have such sweet Angels.