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2010 Mercedes Marathon

I have so much to share!! I have so many pictures to share!! I am still trying to gather them all for a video. So above is a sampeling of some of my favorite shots from over the weekend. What a big week and weekend we had!

It started last Saturday with Edie getting sick with pneumonia. She stopped eating, ran a fever for several days and had a terrible cough that kept everyone up for many nights. It got so bad that Scott and I did something we said we would never do. We let Edie sleep with us. I am not sure if anyone got any sleep, but it gave us peace of mind. Poor little thing. She stayed out of school all week. We canceled all of her therapy appointments and we just kept her home praying for her to get better before the big weekend. The Mercedes Marathon and The Bell Center Children's Run. Edie was sick this same time last year which caused her to miss the Children's Run so we really wanted her to make it this year. On Wednesday her fever broke, on Thursday she ate for the first time in 6 days!! By Friday she was on the road to recovery and acting more like herself. We were so thankful to see her bright eyes and smiling face on Saturday morning and know that she was back to her happy self again. We missed her.

So Saturday morning we bundled her in two layers of clothes, two coats and gloves and we headed to The Bell Center Children's Run. It was in Scott's words "The most exciting thing he had ever seen" and it was! All of the children from TBC were carried, pushed, walked, whatever means possible across the actual Mercedes Marathon Finish Line where they received an official Medal. Edie was in the "Walker Heat". We were not sure how well she would do since we had not been practicing but she did fantastic! She got right in there, grabbed on to her walker and she literally took off!! Almost at a running pace. She actually won her heat (if there is a winner) so maybe I should say she crossed the finish line first. The cutest part was seeing the look on her face as she passed by the cheering crowd. She LOVED it!! I thought at one point she was going to stop and wave. I wish everyone could have been there to see her in her glory. We were soooooo proud!

Sunday morning we bundled up again and headed back out to Lynn Park to watch Team(s) Ladybug cross the finish line. Scott, Jimmy and Eric crossed the finish line first around 9:30 after running the 1/2 Marathon. It was really exciting to see the three of them round the corner and see the smiles on their faces knowing they were so proud of their accomplishment. After they crossed the finish line we went in for a while to warm up before we headed back out to see the rest of the teams and Lisa who ran the full marathon run past. We had a total of 22 family members and friends running for TBC and in honor of Edie on Saturday. Scott, Aunt Mindy, Uncle Zach, Uncle Chuck, Jimmy, Eric, Randy, Matt, Mark, Russell, Tanner, Candy, Heath, Conner, Lucy, Cissy, Shanna, Amber, Brandi, Lisa, Amanda, and Daphney. It was such a special day that I will never forget. I can not tell you how great it felt to see everyone come together in support of our cause and most of all in support of Edie. I am so grateful to every runner who made this day possible and I so grateful for the love and support everyone has shown. It means more than you will ever know.
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Hot Diggidy Dog

Edie loves to dance to the "Hot Diggidy Dog" song on the Micky Mouse Clubhouse show. She will even squat down in the floor, push up with her hands and bounce her bottom in the air if we sing it to her (I will get this on vedio next). This is the first song I have ever really noticed her dancing to everytime she hears it.
Scott recorded this on his phone the other morning and it was too cute not to share. She really only dances in the first few seconds, but if you watch it to the end you may catch her letting go of the toy and stand on her own for 1/2 a seconded. She can stand alone - you just have to trick her into doing it!

The Great Funundrum!

Saturday we took Edie to the Circus. I was so excited all week to show her the elephants, tigers and clowns we had been talking about. I must say Edie LOVED it!! I think I spent more time watching Edie and her reactions than I did watching the Circus myself. I loved to see her eyes light up when she heard the music and saw all of the flashing lights. She really loved the trampoline part as well as the elephants. There were a few times when she enjoyed watching the crowd more than what was going on with the Circus. But she never got bored nor did she ever want down. She just sat in her daddy's lap taking in all of the sights and sounds. For me this may have been one of the most memorable outings yet.

What she did not like was the funnel cake and cotton candy. Surprising, yes. Disappointing, no. Especially since mommy got to eat the biggest part of it!

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Scott took this photo of Edie last week on her way to school. She loves her Lolly Dolly.

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