The Great Funundrum!

Saturday we took Edie to the Circus. I was so excited all week to show her the elephants, tigers and clowns we had been talking about. I must say Edie LOVED it!! I think I spent more time watching Edie and her reactions than I did watching the Circus myself. I loved to see her eyes light up when she heard the music and saw all of the flashing lights. She really loved the trampoline part as well as the elephants. There were a few times when she enjoyed watching the crowd more than what was going on with the Circus. But she never got bored nor did she ever want down. She just sat in her daddy's lap taking in all of the sights and sounds. For me this may have been one of the most memorable outings yet.

What she did not like was the funnel cake and cotton candy. Surprising, yes. Disappointing, no. Especially since mommy got to eat the biggest part of it!

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