Hot Diggidy Dog

Edie loves to dance to the "Hot Diggidy Dog" song on the Micky Mouse Clubhouse show. She will even squat down in the floor, push up with her hands and bounce her bottom in the air if we sing it to her (I will get this on vedio next). This is the first song I have ever really noticed her dancing to everytime she hears it.
Scott recorded this on his phone the other morning and it was too cute not to share. She really only dances in the first few seconds, but if you watch it to the end you may catch her letting go of the toy and stand on her own for 1/2 a seconded. She can stand alone - you just have to trick her into doing it!

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  1. Far too cute! I can't wait to get her and Allie together again. The two of them will wiggle and dance together for sure!