These Boots Were Made for Walking

Long story short - our new family at Loading Dock South in Helena donated these adorable boots to several of the girls who attend The Bell Center. They are white, fuzzy boots from GAP. They are a little big right now but Edie will grow into them in no time. For now she just likes to touch and feel them and giggle with excitement! We visited Loading Dock on Saturday to bring them a thank you card and tell them in person how grateful we are. It is a wonderful feeling to know how many people out there love our little babies!

Later we went to The Depot for lunch and Edie had her first grilled cheese sandwich. She really seemed to enjoy it. We have discovered over the weekend that she is not too fond of noodles and pasta. I tried twice feeding her spaghetti o's and then mac and cheese. Edie would suck the sauce from the pastas and then spit the pasta back out. No worries though.......she is still crazy over carrots and green beans.

Our friends Patti, Charles and Bergen Wilkinson came by on Saturday as well for a short visit and to bring Edie the most precious 1st Birthday Crown that lights up for Edie's big bash. Thats right - Edie will soon be one! Can you believe it!! On Sunday, we visited Westwood Baptist Church. Edie slept through the whole service and was a true doll. We bumped into several of Scott's friends and friends parents who were just goo-goo over Edie. But hey, it's hard not to be goo-goo over something so cute!

We are now packing for our first mini family vacation to Gorhams Bluff this week. I will be on vacation for the next few weeks and I am soooooo looking forward to spending a lot of time with Edie and our family(s) before we begin the new year. Our scheduals will be pretty hectic after we return so if I do not blog in the next few weeks please forgive me. I will have lot's of things to share I am sure - Vacation, Christmas, New Year!!

May God Bless you and your family this Holiday Season and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Edie's Baptism December 13th, 2008

Edie was Baptised at Prince of Peace this past Saturday. It was such a beautiful, moving ceremony. Edie looked like a doll in her white gown adorned with pearls and handmade lace. She wore a satin bow and her Christening bonnet which Gigi gave to her before she was born. She also wore her diamond cross necklace given to her by her great aunts, uncles and cousins along with a cross bib and lace socks (which quickly fell off). Her Godfather, Zach Chastain and her Godmother, Mindy Shunnarah also participated in the service. Nan and Pawpaw gave Edie a beautiful Garnet necklace in celebration of her Baptism. Gigi and Giddo also gave Edie a beautiful etched gold bracelet and Aunt Mindy presented Edie with her first Bible which was engraved with her name.

I am still in awe of how beautiful Edie looked and how perfect the ceremony was. Edie did wonderfully. God truly blessed us January 14th, 2008 with a wonderful, joyful, beautiful daughter - Edith Gabrielle Shunnarah.
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My Two Bottom Teeth

Edie does not like to show off her two teeth.....but her they are. I was able to capture this photo by accident. Edie has also started making this new, mean, sour, pouty look. I am not sure where this came from but it is too cute. She does it all of the time just to make us laugh.
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Ho! Ho! Ho!

We have been so busy running here and there - truthfully I can not tell you what has happened in the past week. Edie and I visited Nan and Pawpaw over the weekend. On Sunday we all attended our first annual neighborhood Christmas Dinner party. We met several of our neighbors and ate a lot of good food. Edie wore her Santa suite and told everyone what she wanted from Santa. Lots of.......na, na, na, da, da, da, ma, ma, ma. Edie is growing so fast. She now has two very visible bottom teeth and I think she may be cutting a third one. She is chewing and drooling constantly. Edie is doing a great job working on her tummy muscles and building her strength to crawl and pull up alone. I can not believe how strong she has actually gotten these past few weeks! I have a good feeling that by her birthday she will be crawling just fine.

We have been trying a lot of new foods lately. Edie loves to feed herself, she has become very independent. She loves to eat carrots and green beans. She still loves her veggies! I really do not mind the squishing of the food between her fingers and in her hair and on her face. I love to watch her experiencing new things. However, I know it will not be long before we have to begin to teach her that she can not mash sweet potatoes in her ears. She is just so cute doing it!

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