Ho! Ho! Ho!

We have been so busy running here and there - truthfully I can not tell you what has happened in the past week. Edie and I visited Nan and Pawpaw over the weekend. On Sunday we all attended our first annual neighborhood Christmas Dinner party. We met several of our neighbors and ate a lot of good food. Edie wore her Santa suite and told everyone what she wanted from Santa. Lots of.......na, na, na, da, da, da, ma, ma, ma. Edie is growing so fast. She now has two very visible bottom teeth and I think she may be cutting a third one. She is chewing and drooling constantly. Edie is doing a great job working on her tummy muscles and building her strength to crawl and pull up alone. I can not believe how strong she has actually gotten these past few weeks! I have a good feeling that by her birthday she will be crawling just fine.

We have been trying a lot of new foods lately. Edie loves to feed herself, she has become very independent. She loves to eat carrots and green beans. She still loves her veggies! I really do not mind the squishing of the food between her fingers and in her hair and on her face. I love to watch her experiencing new things. However, I know it will not be long before we have to begin to teach her that she can not mash sweet potatoes in her ears. She is just so cute doing it!

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  1. What a great update! Edie is doing great... it is plain to see! She seems to have an amazing personality that I see in Allie as well. I love the Christmas outfit!

    Okay... blogger buddy... how do you do the multiple pictures in one big square?

    Oh.. and I still plan to do the 6the picture thing challenge you sent my way. Gosh... time gets away from me!

  2. Mindy Shunnarah9.12.08

    You look so cute in your Santa Outfit. I bet you were the life of the party! Love you!

  3. I check on yall all time but never quite have the time to leave you a comment. Edie is getting so big and is soooo precious! I am so proud of all her accomplishments!! I am so glad things are going so well.