The "Monkey House"

Edie and her little friends had a great time at her "Sock Monkey" Birthday Party. We had the famous jump house, Kindermusik and the cutest sock monkey birthday cake ever! Publix really outdid themselves! Not only was it super cute, it was good too! Kindermusik was kind of hectic with so many little ones, but they all seemed to enjoy it - especially Edie! We sang songs, played instruments, danced and ended with a parachute which I think the kids really loved. After cake we opened gifts and played some more. It was a beautiful day!

After Edie's 1st birthday Scott and I told ourselves we would not have another big party for Edie until she turned 5. But we decided this year to overturn that decision and have a small, simple party for her. I am not sure how small it was - but it was pretty simple (for me). Really I was pretty proud of myself :) We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many great friends. And as I have mentioned before, we are truly blessed to have a neighborhood full of great families and kids Edie's age. She has so many friends right here in our back yard and that makes me feel so good. I can't wait to watch them grow together! And now that three of us have the same jump house I see a lot of fun times this summer!!
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Edie's Birthday - Day

Edie turned THREE last Friday! I can not believe it still! We have a THREE year old! As you can see from the pictures she is doing great and is one happy Birthday girl. I searched all week for the Barbie microphone and woopie cushion that she so loved. I did not have any luck so I settled for a $1 echo mic from Target and who knew how many hrs of fun this would bring to Edie. She loved it! Dada bought her a Ladybug pillow pet too.

We attempted to eat dinner out earlier in the night, but we quickly learned that this was a bad idea. We had to leave the restaurant before we even finished our appetizers. I tried taking Edie straight to McDonald's for her favorites but this did not make her happy either. She finally settled down on the way home after I fed her french fries in the back seat. Once we were home she was as happy as could be. We are learning that Edie's favorite place to eat is at home, in her own chair, with her videos. I was upset that I did not have a cake for her as I thought we would be celebrating out. So I threw together some ice cream and cookies, lit the candles and whala! Happy Birthday Edie!!

We love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for the three best years of our lives!
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Ice Day 2011

We were tired of the cold and the ice and being stuck inside so we found some fun. We were itching to break out Edie's jump house - so we did, in our dining room! Edie's little friend Stella came over to join in the fun too! They had a blast jumping, having "tea time" and chilling on the sofa. These two are too cute! Stella is our neighbor and we are so blessed to have so many kids all the same age who live in our neighborhood. I see these two being best buds.
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I am part of a group of young professionals called the Hats and Horns Societe'. Each year this group host a NYE party where the proceeds benefit local children's charities. This year the party benefited The Bell Center and Operation School Bell. If you know me you are familiar with TBC. Operation School Bell provides back to school clothing and supplies for children in need. Both are great organizations and we were so honored to have helped each in some way. This was mine and Scott's 3rd year to attend the party and my 2nd year as a member. The party is held at the B&A Warehouse downtown. We had two bands, loads of food and a silent auction. It is a lot of fun and a great way to kick in the new year! This year we also had a photo booth which is where these pics were taken. So fun!
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Christmas Part 3&4

After opening Santa's gifts at our house we got ready and headed to Gigi's and Giddo's to have Christmas breakfast with them and celebrate the day. Once we were there the snow started falling. It was beautiful! So big, white and fluffy and what a perfect touch to Christmas morning. We ate way too much food as usual and Edie got way too many gifts as usual! Between Gigi, Giddo, Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck that little girl could go years and years without another single gift! Edie got lots of learning and craft toys, a barbie guitar, a drawing/chalk board easel, Mr. potato head and a HUGE jump house!

Mommy and Daddy got a brand new Dyson Vacuum!!!!!! I can not tell you how shocked and excited I was over this! We have been using the same vacuum Scott has had since collage - so this is a MAJOR upgrade!! We use it almost daily and we love it! It is super quiet and so easy to maneuver. Even Ziggy likes it, she no longer attacks our vacuum as she used to. She must have thought the old one was a monster it was so loud!

The next stop on the Christmas train was Nannie and Pawpaw's. With all of the grand babies it is mass cohos' and I love it! The kids have such a great time opening gifts and playing together. The gifts of the night that Edie just could not get enough of was Wesley's Barbie microphone and Wyatt's woopie cushion! Edie LOVED both of them!! The microphone she carried around all night and the whoopee cushion I think Wyatt had to finally hide from her. It was not like an ordinary woopie cushion either. It had a sponge of some sort in it and it would blow up again and again by itself. Edie just kept sitting on it! She got a pink vacuum, a broom and dust pan, clothes, a flashlight, a car and more learning toys! Toooooooo much!!! Our house is shrinking!!

Mommy and Daddy got the traditional gift basket from Nannie and Pawpaw filled with random goodies. I always like getting these because you never know what you are going to get. The fav from this years basket for me aside from "the softest socks in the world" (and this is really what they are called) was the bread cutting board and knife. Now I just have to make some bread! We also got a Shark Steamvac. It is amazing! So now we have no excuses not to have the cleanest house on the block!

After gift opening, eating, playing games, eating some more we were pooped and headed back to the big Ham for a weekend of hibernation.
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