Christmas Part 3&4

After opening Santa's gifts at our house we got ready and headed to Gigi's and Giddo's to have Christmas breakfast with them and celebrate the day. Once we were there the snow started falling. It was beautiful! So big, white and fluffy and what a perfect touch to Christmas morning. We ate way too much food as usual and Edie got way too many gifts as usual! Between Gigi, Giddo, Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck that little girl could go years and years without another single gift! Edie got lots of learning and craft toys, a barbie guitar, a drawing/chalk board easel, Mr. potato head and a HUGE jump house!

Mommy and Daddy got a brand new Dyson Vacuum!!!!!! I can not tell you how shocked and excited I was over this! We have been using the same vacuum Scott has had since collage - so this is a MAJOR upgrade!! We use it almost daily and we love it! It is super quiet and so easy to maneuver. Even Ziggy likes it, she no longer attacks our vacuum as she used to. She must have thought the old one was a monster it was so loud!

The next stop on the Christmas train was Nannie and Pawpaw's. With all of the grand babies it is mass cohos' and I love it! The kids have such a great time opening gifts and playing together. The gifts of the night that Edie just could not get enough of was Wesley's Barbie microphone and Wyatt's woopie cushion! Edie LOVED both of them!! The microphone she carried around all night and the whoopee cushion I think Wyatt had to finally hide from her. It was not like an ordinary woopie cushion either. It had a sponge of some sort in it and it would blow up again and again by itself. Edie just kept sitting on it! She got a pink vacuum, a broom and dust pan, clothes, a flashlight, a car and more learning toys! Toooooooo much!!! Our house is shrinking!!

Mommy and Daddy got the traditional gift basket from Nannie and Pawpaw filled with random goodies. I always like getting these because you never know what you are going to get. The fav from this years basket for me aside from "the softest socks in the world" (and this is really what they are called) was the bread cutting board and knife. Now I just have to make some bread! We also got a Shark Steamvac. It is amazing! So now we have no excuses not to have the cleanest house on the block!

After gift opening, eating, playing games, eating some more we were pooped and headed back to the big Ham for a weekend of hibernation.
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