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Our super great photographer - Grethel Van Epps of Grethel Van Epps Photography has chosen a photo of Edie to represent her work {12} from past sessions. It is such a sweet one where she is hugging her Lolly Dolly. If Edie has the most votes we will win the picture in a 16x20!!! Go and vote for Edie as one of your favorites too!! Hurry contest ends July 5th!!

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Beach Bums 2010

We had such a great time last week at the Palms of Destin Resort.  They had a super great pool perfect for a "little fish" named Edie.  She LOVED the zero entry pool and she LOVED the ocean.  She would have spent all day at both if she could.  As long as she was in the water that is.  The slat water did not seem to bother her either even when a few waves went over her head.  In the pool she LOVED wearing her swimmies like the big kids.  I am pretty sure she knew what they were for because she willingly put them on and immediately started towards the deeper part of the pool.  She did go under a few times but she really seemed to like it when she did. 

The condo was great.  Edie slept until 9:00 most mornings - what more could we have asked for?  The resort style pool was great for kids and adults with lots of room to move around.  It never seemed crowded and Edie loved seeing all of the action.  For the most part she enjoyed playing with the other babies, especially their toys and they loved playing with hers so it all worked out.  The only trouble we had was on the last day when Edie put another little girl in the choke hold and pushed her under water.  Other than that she pushed a 2nd little victim when she got too close to her daddy.  I am starting to think Edie may be becoming a bully. 

We ate a lot of great sea food but my favorite restaurant was AJ's.  I loved the atmosphere and I especially loved seeing Edie feed the fish.  She went CRAZY!!  We also took some time to visit San Destin and Sea Side which is always nice - so much to do and so little time!!  I could have spent another week at the beach.  Hopefully we can make it back for a long weekend before fall.  That's my goal anyway : )


Just Splashing Around!!

Today we went to the Splash Pad in Gardendale with our friends Maxwell, Joseph and Merritt. It was a great way to cool off and have some fun! Edie lasted about 20 minutes and then she was over it. We recharged with some of Merritt's snacks and Joseph's drink and they were off again. We had a lot of fun playing in the water and getting some sunshine before our vacation to the beach next week! What a great way to kick off the weekend! Now we are Beach Bound!!!
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Three Summer Loves

There are three things I love about summer - fresh flowers {especially hydrangeas}, Gigi's homemade grape leaves {they are the BEST} and homemade margarita pizza with fresh basil from our herb garden and homemade dough {found in the bakery section of Publix}. Edie of course could care less about all of the above, but I am working on her. One day she will learn to appreciate how good Gigi's grape leaves are. I could eat the whole pot by myself!!
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Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Kitchen

Aunt Mindy {aka Mrs. Kitchen} made my day by posting several of their wedding photos on fb today!! These are some of my favorites from the beautiful day. During all of the photo shoots I thought to myself, "Edie could not have been more of an Angel" as she totally cooperated by sitting so sweetly while the photographer shot away. However, once I saw the photos I do not think there is one where she is actually looking at the camera. I guess she was just so into everyone else she forgot to look at the camera and smile. What kind of 2 1/2 year old does that ;)!!!

None the less the wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom were just as perfect and Edie walking down the aisle as the flower girl made it all the more special. I am seriously considering bring her dress to the beach with us next week for some more photo shoots. She was just too stinkin cute in it!! I need more!!!
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Flower Girl

I said I would post more photos of the wedding and of Edie walking down the aisle.  But because I can not copy any of the pics from the professional photo link and our camera was terrible that day, I have now started begging friends and relatives for pictures.  Kelly, one of our cousins from Colorado, shared this one with me.  So Cute!!!!  Look at that smile!!


The Bell Center Seeking Summer Peer Models

I usually would not post this to Edie's Blog - but it is the only way I can get it to post to face book for everyone to see. If you have a typically developing child you may be interested in this therapeutic "play-date" group. They meet all over Birmingham one day each week. Your child would serve as a model peer to children with special needs. What fun!!

The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs is currently looking for children between the ages of 29 months and 3 years old (by June 30th ) to serve as peer models for children in their summer Stay and Say Playgroup.

The Stay and Say Playgroup is designed to promote independent play skills and encourage socialization in both typically developing children and children with special needs. A parent and/or caregiver participate with their child in this weekly playgroup on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00. A team of therapists including an early childhood special education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech and language pathologist lead the playgroup that takes place in a variety of locations including McWane Center, Pink House, Homewood Park, Cherub’s Clubhouse, The Birmingham Zoo and Children’s Dance Foundation . A short informative session on positive child rearing practices is included for parents and caregivers.

The Playgroup Meets for 7 more weeks this summer and the cost for Friends is $50 for the entire summer.
If you are interested in participating please contact the Andi Gillen at 870-0081 or agillen@thebellcenter.org


Crazy Lake Lady

While Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck were away on their honeymoon we headed up to their lake house to spend a few days playing in the water and grilling out. Last year when we went to the lake Edie was content enough to stay in her pack-n-play down on the pier. This year not so much. Scott and I quickly realized that our little busy body did not equal "relaxation" I am not sure what we were thinking. She wanted nothing to do with a life vest and everything to do with playing in the water. We ultimately had to line the edge of the pier with chaise lounges so she could not get to the water. She eventually settled with playing with water in buckets and wearing it on her head.

Edie also got a new bathing suite for the trip! Ms. Jackie surprised us with several new outfits including a precious seersucker bathing suite with her initial monogrammed on it! I LOVE it! I am not sure how much she is selling these for, but if you are interested let me know. She also made Edie several short outfits with swing tops and matching shorts along with a precious pillowcase dress with a fun Disney theme. I am so excited that she will have all new clothes to wear for our BEACH TRIP in the coming weeks!!! Thank you so much Ms. Jackie!! We love you so much!
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Congratulations Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck!!  Mindy and Chuck were married May 29th at Gabrella Manor.  The ceremony, led by Chucks father was so beautiful not to mention the bride and groom!  The flowers were amazing complete with an aisle of scattered rose petals that was nothing short of something you would see in a magazine of a Southern Garden Wedding.  The colors were green, brown and cream with pops of colors in all of the flowers.   

Family came from all around to witness the marriage of Mindy and Chuck and to see our baby WALK down the aisle!  Yes!  Edie WALKED down the aisle all by herself, carrying her sweet little flower girl basket!  She was so precious in her dress.  I said she looked like a little cupcake.  Scott and I were a little emotional as we watched her coming down flashing her smile to everyone.  She did perfect!  We had a goal, "a wish", that Edie would walk for Mindy and Chuck's wedding and she did it!  She is AMAZING!!

We spent the rest of the weekend with family having a great time catching up and seeing everyone.  I had hoped to have some photos for this post, but my camera was not taking good photos since I do not have a flash.  So I snagged this one from a fb page.  I hope to have some to share with everyone soon!