Beach Bums 2010

We had such a great time last week at the Palms of Destin Resort.  They had a super great pool perfect for a "little fish" named Edie.  She LOVED the zero entry pool and she LOVED the ocean.  She would have spent all day at both if she could.  As long as she was in the water that is.  The slat water did not seem to bother her either even when a few waves went over her head.  In the pool she LOVED wearing her swimmies like the big kids.  I am pretty sure she knew what they were for because she willingly put them on and immediately started towards the deeper part of the pool.  She did go under a few times but she really seemed to like it when she did. 

The condo was great.  Edie slept until 9:00 most mornings - what more could we have asked for?  The resort style pool was great for kids and adults with lots of room to move around.  It never seemed crowded and Edie loved seeing all of the action.  For the most part she enjoyed playing with the other babies, especially their toys and they loved playing with hers so it all worked out.  The only trouble we had was on the last day when Edie put another little girl in the choke hold and pushed her under water.  Other than that she pushed a 2nd little victim when she got too close to her daddy.  I am starting to think Edie may be becoming a bully. 

We ate a lot of great sea food but my favorite restaurant was AJ's.  I loved the atmosphere and I especially loved seeing Edie feed the fish.  She went CRAZY!!  We also took some time to visit San Destin and Sea Side which is always nice - so much to do and so little time!!  I could have spent another week at the beach.  Hopefully we can make it back for a long weekend before fall.  That's my goal anyway : )

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  1. Giddo and GiGi4.7.10

    Glad you guys had a great vacation. Sounds like Edie might be a little beach bum. Glad everyone had fun and you returned home safely.


    Giddo and GiGi