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In case you missed us the other morning.... . Edie has got to be the cutest little girl ever. She prayed, pointed to outside {really not outside}, washed the tables, gave me grins and was polite enough to say "Thank You". She is so sweet!!


Happy New Year!

This year we had two Christmas cards made {simply because I have two very wonderfully talented friends} The one shown above was by my friend Stacey who started her own company a few months ago ::rocpaper . Stacey does awesome work! Stacey's true talent is in custom design which she did for our "2nd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser" invitations. She can take any idea an make it beautiful.
Believe it or not {I} took the photos for the card above! Scott and I had a photo shoot trying to mimic some of my friend Grethel's work. I had actually bought this dress for Edie last year envisioning having her Christmas photos taken in it. It turned out to be a perfect fit to Stacey's design and had such a classic look. I loved how they turned out.

We also had Christmas cards made by my friend Grethel who has her own photography business. On these cards we had a large 5x7 photo printed alone on the back of our family. The intention was that our family members would keep and frame as a gift. I am not sure how many did - but it was a good idea anyway! I hope everyone enjoyed getting their cards this year from our family. We had so much fun doing them!

Happy New Year!


Christmas Plays and Parties

Wyatt and Wesley did great in their Christmas program at Church. Wesley sang a solo and sounded like an Angel.

Gigi and I visited Edie's school at Primrose for a Christmas party last week. They had SO many goodies. Edie loved the powdered donuts!
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Christmas at Our House

Santa visited Ziggy and left a purple squeaky in her stocking which she obsessed over until it was her turn to open. She loved it - so much that we now have it hidden it in the closet because they are both driving us crazy! Ziggy also got a travel bowl from Santa and a Snuggy {yes, a snuggy} from Edie.

Santa really out did himself with Edie's gifts. She got a pink kitchen, a piano, clothes, shoes and a chair plus much more. Edie loves her kitchen and playing house with her baby dolls. She also loves to sit in her chair reading books and watching videos. She is so precious and was such a joy opening gifts this year. We are truly blessed.

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I got a new lens for the camera from Santa. I am still trying to figure it all out but the main difference I can see is how beautifully it blurs the background of pictures. Now I just have to learn to focus quickly as it is not automatic. I see lots of pictures in Edie's future!

Christmas with Gigi and Giddo

We spent Christmas Eve with Gigi and Giddo at Mass. Edie loved clapping after each song and giving smiles and kisses to anyone who would look her way. She was such a good girl during the service. I was so proud of her. The most special moment of the night was as we were leaving the sanctuary. I looked back at Scott and Edie just as Scott was making the sign of the cross on Edie's forehead with Holy Water. Such a special thing to see. Scott is such a wonderful father and husband and he is so in love with his baby girl.

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Edie got so many great new things from her grandparents and Aunt Mindy. She loved opening her gifts and showing us the paper she had pulled off. Aunt Mindy gave Edie the cutest little Ladybug picture with her name on it and Gigi and Giddo gave Edie her very own Tinker Bell table and tea set. We are going to have so much fun making tea and eating at her new table. The colors are perfect for the "plans" I have for her new room. Scott and I really had a great surprise gift from Gigi and Giddo - a Wii! I would have never guessed! We have been wanting one, but would have never bought one for ourselves. So we were thrilled to finally get a Wii of our own! My arm is already sore from bowling and home run derby on Sunday.

Christmas at Nan and Pawpaws

The Chastain, Smith and Shunnarah Family Portrait Christmas 2009

Edie got one of her favorite things from Nan and Pawpaw - a Tinker Bell cell phone!

Edie got up close and personal with one of the newest family members - a chicken!

We had a great time at Nan and Pawpaw's visiting with family and playing with cousins. As always the grandparents did too much and we opened presents for almost an hour! We take turns opening one gift at a time so that it will last longer, and it did. Edie was pooped by the end of the day and fell fast asleep on the car ride home. We are still in recovery mode from all of the holiday festivities and our house is in a wreck - but it was so worth it! We had a wonderful Christmas!
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ABC 33/40

So.......let me give a little background info.

I joined the Hats and Horns Societe' of Birmingham this past year. Each year this group of young professionals organizes a NYE party which benefits two local children's charities. This group has been supporting TBC for years and I knew I had to be a part of it. It is a great event at the B & A Warehouse with a full dinner buffet, two bands, silent auction and open bar. Tickets are still available - so if you are looking for something fun to do this NYE visit

Edie, John Lyda {who is president of H&H} and I arrived at the ABC 33/40 studio around 8:45. We were finally called back around 9:45. Edie had a cup full of goldfish and a lot of milk over the course of the morning while waiting, so I was worried of what may come back up later. Once we were called back we literally ran to the set, got our microphones, introduced ourselves and then we were live.

During the segment before us children were testing out toys. The toys were still there, in a pile, including a kitchen set! Which is one of Edie's favorite things at school right now. Edie wanted nothing more than to get to the toys. At the last minute the camera man did hand her a toy to satisfy her. At one point a piece of the toy fell and hit my leg and I just knew Edie had spit up. Luckily I was wrong. Eventually by the end of the segment Edie did make her exit to the toys.

And with all of the commotion I completely fumbled through my words. As Scott likes to say "I resembled Miss. South Carolina {"and such as"}. Never the less we did it and we are making a comeback!! This coming Tuesday we will be on Fox 6 at 7:45 am. This should be interesting!


Rain Bonnet

Yes this is a rain bonnet on Edie's head - but it is not because its raining. Edie has developed a terrible habit of pulling out her hair to the point of being on the verge of having a bald spot. She does it mainly while riding in the car and on occasion while laying in her bed at night or once she wakes.

Last week while we were on our way to The Bell Center Christmas Party she was really going at it. I had had enough and I could not ignore the situation any longer. So we ran into a Dollar General I grabbed a ladies rain bonnet put it on her head and tied the strap in a knot under her chin and guess what..........she LOVE it!! I am not sure what it was. Did she think she looked cute {which of course she did}, did she like chewing on the strings or is the OT right in saying that maybe she likes the pressure on her head?? What ever it was she never once tried taking it off. She has had it on twice since and again she never fussed. So strange. But hey whatever works! So far so good!

PADS Christmas Party

Third times a charm! This was a photo taken of Edie's third visit on Santa's lap and we finally got the cherished "who are you " photo. Edie has seen Santa at Breakfast with Santa, Santa at Primrose School on Saturday and Santa at the PADS Christmas party Sunday. Maybe we have overdone it this year :)

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Breakfast With Santa

Saturday morning we had Breakfast with Santa and several of our other friends and their families at The Tavern at The Summit. We had pancakes, bacon and eggs. We also did a craft and later had our picture taken with Santa. Edie was a little shy at first, warmed up and then changed her mind. But we were able to get a photo of her in Santa's lap.

Last year sweet Ms. Jackie handmade Edie a precious smocked dress with candy canes on the collar and empire sleeves {is that what you call them} they are kinda puffy. Anyway.......I was so excited that it still fit her. Maybe even more perfectly this year. She wore it with her white stockings and black patton leather shoes. She even let me put a bow in her hair! Edie received a lot of compliments on her dress. She looked so cute in it while sitting in Santa's lap. Thanks Ms. Jackie! We love you!!

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Big Al

How lucky can two girls get! Edie and I were invited by Aunt Kelli, Uncle David and the kids to ride on their float in the Clanton parade Friday night. Uncle David arranged for Big Al to join us on the float too! We felt like celebrities as we went through the screaming crowd. Edie really had a great time waving at everyone as we drove past.

However, towards the end she got really quiet and stopped moving around as much as she had been. Because I could not see her face very well due to the two coats, mittens and hat she was bundled in I must say I got a little worried. At first I thought she was going into shock from being so cold {really} or from not eating dinner at her usual time. It scared me so bad that once the parade was over I rushed to the car, grabbed her something to eat at Arby's and rushed back to the Smith's to feed her. Once I unwrapped all of the layers of clothing I discovered she really was quite warm. So warm I think she had just gotten so super comfy it had simply made her sleepy. I was relieved!

We had a great time being together with the family and spending some mommy-daughter time together too!

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Monday was Edie's first day at her new "Big Girl" school. She started this week at Primrose Preschool sporting her new Ladybug dress Ms. Jackie made for her. She will be attending all day Mondays and Wednesdays. Right now she has three other children in her class and A LOT of cool new toys! Eventually her class will max out at 7 children which is a great ratio. At Primrose she will have circle time, roll play, dramatic play, learn sign language, ABC's, 123's and even be introduced to some Spanish and so much more! We were not nervous at all leaving her. Once she saw the little baby dolls and all of the bright colors in the room she lit up and waved us "bye-bye".
She loved it and did great her first day. The teacher emailed us photos of her during the course of the day and gave us updates on how she was doing. At one time she said Edie was so, so tired but still wanted to play so bad. She said at one time she looked over at Edie and while she was stirring a pot she closed her eyes, dozed off and then popped back up, opened her eyes and continued stirring her pot. Too cute! Needless to say she was exhausted after dinner and her bath. We are so excited for Edie and her new chapter in life. We can't wait to see what great things she will be doing and all of the new friends she will make along the way.

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