Big Al

How lucky can two girls get! Edie and I were invited by Aunt Kelli, Uncle David and the kids to ride on their float in the Clanton parade Friday night. Uncle David arranged for Big Al to join us on the float too! We felt like celebrities as we went through the screaming crowd. Edie really had a great time waving at everyone as we drove past.

However, towards the end she got really quiet and stopped moving around as much as she had been. Because I could not see her face very well due to the two coats, mittens and hat she was bundled in I must say I got a little worried. At first I thought she was going into shock from being so cold {really} or from not eating dinner at her usual time. It scared me so bad that once the parade was over I rushed to the car, grabbed her something to eat at Arby's and rushed back to the Smith's to feed her. Once I unwrapped all of the layers of clothing I discovered she really was quite warm. So warm I think she had just gotten so super comfy it had simply made her sleepy. I was relieved!

We had a great time being together with the family and spending some mommy-daughter time together too!

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