Edie's First Princess Tea Party

This weekend Edie attended her first "Princess Tea Party" for her friend Addie's 4th Birthday. Each Princess was dressed in style wearing her most beautiful gown. We made wands, colored pictures and even had a special visit from Cinderella! Addie's mom made the cutest castle complete with balloons, center pieces and a bubble entrance into the Tea Party. Each Princess drank from their own personal tea cup and had Princess cookies and cupcakes. Edie had a great time playing with all of the little girls, eating stickers and crayons. When will she learn that crayons and stickers are not food :) The party could not have been more precious, nore could Edie. Her favorite part was drinking from her tea cup and sitting at the table with all of her friends. She was too cute as you can see!
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Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day with Edie, Scott and family. We started the day with brunch at Brio's, where Edie ate grapes for the first time { that I am aware of }. Then again, who knows she probably has eaten them many times at school with her buddies. She seems to eat EVERYTHING there. From salad, to fig newtons, to pineapple and pizza. She has never eaten any of this stuff for me and believe me I have tried!!

After brunch we went home and did a little yard work, took a little nap and later Scott and I went on a date night and Edie had a spend the night party with Aunt Mindy { which she loved }. Scott had bought us tickets to see Norah Jones in concert at The Alabama Theater for my Christmas gift. We have never been to a concert at The Alabama Theater, but we did watch Friday the 13th in 3D there years ago which was hilarious to see at age 30 not so much at age 10. I love the building and I love Norah Jones so it was a great combination. The seats were perfect, the concert was great and the day was wonderful. What a great way to end the perfect weekend!! I love my family and I LOVE being Edie's mom!
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Buck Creek Festival

Saturday we spent a beautiful day with family and friends at the Buck Creek Festival in downtown Helena. I was not sure how the day would go, but my plan was to get out there early and stay as late as possible. We drove to the top of our neighborhood and parked to catch the shuttle. Once we got that far we just decided to go ahead and walk the rest of the way and to my surprise it really was not all that far. We all had a great time eating, listening to music and watching the rubber duck race.

For those of you who are not familiar....you have the chance to buy one, two or a flock of ducks. Each duck has a number written on the bottom, they are all tossed in a huge container and later dumped into the Cahaba River. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place duck with money prizes. Needless to say we did not win anything, but we had a great time watching.

After the race Dada taught Edie how to throw rocks and she tried eating a few too. After wandering back to our spot and a few pokes to the eye we gathered out things and headed home. I could not believe how well Edie did throughout the day. We were there for a total of SIX hours with just one 5 minute nap!!! I can not tell you how much fun I had spending the day outdoors with everyone. It was a great Saturday!! { with the exception of the walk back }
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PADS Golf Tournament

Wow! Could time fly any faster!! I have so much to catch up on I can't believe it!! We have been super busy these days with birthday parties, weddings, fundraisers, work, hobbies, life, etc., etc. A few weeks ago Scott, Giddo, David Wilson and Brent Cobern played in the PADS Golf Tournament benefiting the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic here in Birmingham and in honor of Edie. There were over 90 golfers in attendance golfing in honor of a child with DS. I helped to man the check in tables and set out the silent auction tables. I also got to oversee the 9th hole which was where the car give-away was. Unfortunately no one won the car, but Edie's team did 1st place net score! Way to go team!! It was great to see everyone show their support and have a good time.
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