Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day with Edie, Scott and family. We started the day with brunch at Brio's, where Edie ate grapes for the first time { that I am aware of }. Then again, who knows she probably has eaten them many times at school with her buddies. She seems to eat EVERYTHING there. From salad, to fig newtons, to pineapple and pizza. She has never eaten any of this stuff for me and believe me I have tried!!

After brunch we went home and did a little yard work, took a little nap and later Scott and I went on a date night and Edie had a spend the night party with Aunt Mindy { which she loved }. Scott had bought us tickets to see Norah Jones in concert at The Alabama Theater for my Christmas gift. We have never been to a concert at The Alabama Theater, but we did watch Friday the 13th in 3D there years ago which was hilarious to see at age 30 not so much at age 10. I love the building and I love Norah Jones so it was a great combination. The seats were perfect, the concert was great and the day was wonderful. What a great way to end the perfect weekend!! I love my family and I LOVE being Edie's mom!
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