While Edie "Was Out"

Last Saturday, while Edie spent the day with Gigi and Giddo, Scott and I did a "While You Were Out" room makeover for Edie. While we did not completely redo her room, I like to say we "enhanced" it a bit. We took it from a sweet pink and green nursery to a fun and colorful toddlers room. Which I feel matches Edie's {new} spunky personality. We incorporated brighter colors of pinks, greens and yellows. But we did not do it alone we had help from some very talented people!

Above is my old rocker that Nannie painted white and made a chair pad and back cover with an "E" monogram. This was one of Edie's birthday gifts from Nannie and Pawpaw. Also above is Edie's Lolly Dolly that her Aunt Kelli made for her for Christmas. She is complete with brown hair and blue eyes. Lolly Dolly is playing in an old baby bed that Scott and I bought at a thrift store and refinished. Last but not least shown above was Edie's biggest birthday gift of all. A doll house bookcase handmade from scratch by Pawpaw.

Above is the picture Aunt Mindy had made for Edie's Christmas gift. {this was also the piece that began this whole process}. On the top right is the tree that Scott cut out and painted. We started off using a magnetic primer which was intended to make the surface - well magnetic so we could hang Edie's artwork. However, to our disappointment it did not work. So I made photo clips and glued them to the tree. Making the room complete is the table and chair set that Gigi and Giddo gave Edie for Christmas. Edie loves it. Especially now that it is in her room. We have been having tea parties with her babies all week and I have loved every minute of it!

Who needs Pottery Barn when you have such a wonderfully talented Daddy and Pawpaw!

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Congratulations Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck on your engagement! We could not be more thrilled!
Edie will be a flower girl for the wedding and our goal is for Edie to walk down the aisle on May 29th all by herself!
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Edie's 2nd Birthday Party

Edie had a perfect party fit for a perfect little Ladybug. Obviously the theme was "Ladybugs" - Complete with a Ladybug cake and a Ladybug Tutu. We had a house full of family, love and fun. It was a great day. Scott made some of the best hamburgers ever and we had some of the best chocolate ice cream too! Edie got a lot of great new toys, clothes, money and some of the prettiest handmade gifts ever. Gigi made Edie a needle work wall hanging of Angles. Nannie painted my old rocking chair white and made a seat and back pad and Pawpaw made Edie a precious dollhouse bookcase {more to come on these}.

Edie in her Ladybug Tutu made by Dinky Doo Tutu's

Look who is standing all ALONE! Yes, Edie has been standing and taking a few steps for the past week. She stood for the longest time ever all by herself on the day of her party. What a special birthday gift!

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Mommy, Daddy and Edie - Edie, Wyatt, Wylie and Wesley

Aunt Mindy, our soon to be Uncle Chuck, Gigi and Edie

Gigi's beautiful needle point gift to Edie

Edie tired of all of the picture taking - "Enough Already!!!"

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Happy Birthday Edie!

Edie turned "2" today. We have had such a blast with her this year. We have had many new adventures, many laughs and many-many proud moments. We went to the beach for the first time where Edie ate 10lbs of sand. We went to the lake and rode a boat for the first time too. Edie has learned to hold crayons, forks and spoons. Say several new words and use a lot of new signs. We had ice-cream, peanut butter, chocolate and even salad for the first time this year. Gosh - we have done so much, learned so much and grown so much. It is so amazing what God has done in our lives and the gifts he has given to us this year. We are so grateful for his love.
The photos above are just a few of my favorites from the year. I could have easily added 100 more. Like I said we have had so many great times this year and looking through all of our photos reminds me of just how great of a year it was.
I look forward to what this year will bring.

This is Edie showing you she is "Two". She has not quite learned how to show just two fingers yet. The photo on the bottom left is something new she is doing too. If you tell her to "smile" she will put her hands in front of her mouth like she is giggling. Not sure where she got that from.

Edie this morning with static in her hair and showing how old she is "Two"!

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Check Up

We visited with Dr. Johnson, Edie's cardiologist, a few weeks ago. We have been so busy I forgot to post about the visit. It was great!! Edie was such an Angel for the Dr. and nurses. She sat so still during each procedure and only cried when they removed the EKG tabs. She got to weigh on the big girl scale. She stood there and held on to it like a pro, weighing in at 22lbs!! She stood so tall against the wall while they recorded her height. Did I say she was so good? She was so good in fact that Dr. Johnson was able to get a good view and reading on everything that is going on and there was no need to even talk about scope procedures. Scott and I were amazed at how still she was while Dr. Johnson did the ultrasound. I could go on and on about how wonderful she did - but back to the outcome.

Edie's VSD has closed!! You could see a definite, distinct bump where the closure was. There was no sign of blood passing through so it is a sure sign of complete closure. We were THRILLED to see this in person. He did still see the cleft in her right valve which was the new condition we learned of during our last visit. It has not grown however, which is good. We are not due back to see him again until January of 2011. The outcome of the visit is still the same at the moment. The cleft is there, it is not posing as a threat at the time. It is a condition that Edie can live with as long as it does not get any larger. So as long as Edie continues to do great and look great we will just continue to monitor it. So keep praying! Our prayers are being answered each trip we make! God has truly blessed us.

This is an old picture - but I have been playing around with a program I downloaded for free called Light Room. It is really cool.

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Almost Two!

I can't believe that Edie is turning two tomorrow! This year has really flown by. I pulled out Edie's One Year Birthday cupcake dress last week and it may me cry to see how itty-bitty she once was. And now to see these pictures it only makes me tear up again. Why do they have to grow? As sad as it is to see my baby grow - it also brings excitement. Edie has accomplished so many things this year it is amazing! She is AMAZING!

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Hats and Horns

We had a great New Years at the Hats and Horns Party benefiting The Bell Center and The Alabama Child Caring Foundation. We ate, drank, mingled and danced all night long! And to top off the night, we were escorted by the Hoff Clan {shown above L2R: Tiger and Elin Woods ( The Hoff's), Sara and Brian Young, Jennifer and Michael Friedman and Stephanie and Stephen Hoff} back to Ross Bridge where we were staying for the night. It was not just any ordinary ride either. It was a 70's style white limo filled with six of the funniest people I know. My side was still hurting the next day from laughing so hard. I love these guys. They really know how to have a good time!

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Funny Girl

Edie, Scott and I had lunch at Zoes last week. I showed off my new eyes and Edie showed off her orange slice.
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