While Edie "Was Out"

Last Saturday, while Edie spent the day with Gigi and Giddo, Scott and I did a "While You Were Out" room makeover for Edie. While we did not completely redo her room, I like to say we "enhanced" it a bit. We took it from a sweet pink and green nursery to a fun and colorful toddlers room. Which I feel matches Edie's {new} spunky personality. We incorporated brighter colors of pinks, greens and yellows. But we did not do it alone we had help from some very talented people!

Above is my old rocker that Nannie painted white and made a chair pad and back cover with an "E" monogram. This was one of Edie's birthday gifts from Nannie and Pawpaw. Also above is Edie's Lolly Dolly that her Aunt Kelli made for her for Christmas. She is complete with brown hair and blue eyes. Lolly Dolly is playing in an old baby bed that Scott and I bought at a thrift store and refinished. Last but not least shown above was Edie's biggest birthday gift of all. A doll house bookcase handmade from scratch by Pawpaw.

Above is the picture Aunt Mindy had made for Edie's Christmas gift. {this was also the piece that began this whole process}. On the top right is the tree that Scott cut out and painted. We started off using a magnetic primer which was intended to make the surface - well magnetic so we could hang Edie's artwork. However, to our disappointment it did not work. So I made photo clips and glued them to the tree. Making the room complete is the table and chair set that Gigi and Giddo gave Edie for Christmas. Edie loves it. Especially now that it is in her room. We have been having tea parties with her babies all week and I have loved every minute of it!

Who needs Pottery Barn when you have such a wonderfully talented Daddy and Pawpaw!

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    The rest of us in the world (or maybe it's just me) need Pottery Barn because we are not blessed to still have talented Daddy's and Pawpaw's! You guys are incredibly blessed!!!

    Her room is wonderful and such a beautiful fit for Edie!

  2. Her room is gorgeous! YOu all did such a wonderful job on it. I bet she loves to play in her big girl room, too.