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We visited with Dr. Johnson, Edie's cardiologist, a few weeks ago. We have been so busy I forgot to post about the visit. It was great!! Edie was such an Angel for the Dr. and nurses. She sat so still during each procedure and only cried when they removed the EKG tabs. She got to weigh on the big girl scale. She stood there and held on to it like a pro, weighing in at 22lbs!! She stood so tall against the wall while they recorded her height. Did I say she was so good? She was so good in fact that Dr. Johnson was able to get a good view and reading on everything that is going on and there was no need to even talk about scope procedures. Scott and I were amazed at how still she was while Dr. Johnson did the ultrasound. I could go on and on about how wonderful she did - but back to the outcome.

Edie's VSD has closed!! You could see a definite, distinct bump where the closure was. There was no sign of blood passing through so it is a sure sign of complete closure. We were THRILLED to see this in person. He did still see the cleft in her right valve which was the new condition we learned of during our last visit. It has not grown however, which is good. We are not due back to see him again until January of 2011. The outcome of the visit is still the same at the moment. The cleft is there, it is not posing as a threat at the time. It is a condition that Edie can live with as long as it does not get any larger. So as long as Edie continues to do great and look great we will just continue to monitor it. So keep praying! Our prayers are being answered each trip we make! God has truly blessed us.

This is an old picture - but I have been playing around with a program I downloaded for free called Light Room. It is really cool.

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  1. Anonymous12.1.10

    Such good news, God is awesome! Jackie