Rain Bonnet

Yes this is a rain bonnet on Edie's head - but it is not because its raining. Edie has developed a terrible habit of pulling out her hair to the point of being on the verge of having a bald spot. She does it mainly while riding in the car and on occasion while laying in her bed at night or once she wakes.

Last week while we were on our way to The Bell Center Christmas Party she was really going at it. I had had enough and I could not ignore the situation any longer. So we ran into a Dollar General I grabbed a ladies rain bonnet put it on her head and tied the strap in a knot under her chin and guess what..........she LOVE it!! I am not sure what it was. Did she think she looked cute {which of course she did}, did she like chewing on the strings or is the OT right in saying that maybe she likes the pressure on her head?? What ever it was she never once tried taking it off. She has had it on twice since and again she never fussed. So strange. But hey whatever works! So far so good!

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  1. Anonymous15.12.09

    Too Funny! & she is so cute :-) Whatever works. Jackie