Christmas at Our House

Santa visited Ziggy and left a purple squeaky in her stocking which she obsessed over until it was her turn to open. She loved it - so much that we now have it hidden it in the closet because they are both driving us crazy! Ziggy also got a travel bowl from Santa and a Snuggy {yes, a snuggy} from Edie.

Santa really out did himself with Edie's gifts. She got a pink kitchen, a piano, clothes, shoes and a chair plus much more. Edie loves her kitchen and playing house with her baby dolls. She also loves to sit in her chair reading books and watching videos. She is so precious and was such a joy opening gifts this year. We are truly blessed.

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I got a new lens for the camera from Santa. I am still trying to figure it all out but the main difference I can see is how beautifully it blurs the background of pictures. Now I just have to learn to focus quickly as it is not automatic. I see lots of pictures in Edie's future!


  1. Santa loves Pottery Barn?

  2. ok girl, it IS automatic.. I'm sure you are missing a button to click in there.. ;)
    beautiful girl and Santa did good!!!