Christmas with Gigi and Giddo

We spent Christmas Eve with Gigi and Giddo at Mass. Edie loved clapping after each song and giving smiles and kisses to anyone who would look her way. She was such a good girl during the service. I was so proud of her. The most special moment of the night was as we were leaving the sanctuary. I looked back at Scott and Edie just as Scott was making the sign of the cross on Edie's forehead with Holy Water. Such a special thing to see. Scott is such a wonderful father and husband and he is so in love with his baby girl.

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Edie got so many great new things from her grandparents and Aunt Mindy. She loved opening her gifts and showing us the paper she had pulled off. Aunt Mindy gave Edie the cutest little Ladybug picture with her name on it and Gigi and Giddo gave Edie her very own Tinker Bell table and tea set. We are going to have so much fun making tea and eating at her new table. The colors are perfect for the "plans" I have for her new room. Scott and I really had a great surprise gift from Gigi and Giddo - a Wii! I would have never guessed! We have been wanting one, but would have never bought one for ourselves. So we were thrilled to finally get a Wii of our own! My arm is already sore from bowling and home run derby on Sunday.

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