Happy New Year!

This year we had two Christmas cards made {simply because I have two very wonderfully talented friends} The one shown above was by my friend Stacey who started her own company a few months ago ::rocpaper . Stacey does awesome work! Stacey's true talent is in custom design which she did for our "2nd Annual Ladybug Fundraiser" invitations. She can take any idea an make it beautiful.
Believe it or not {I} took the photos for the card above! Scott and I had a photo shoot trying to mimic some of my friend Grethel's work. I had actually bought this dress for Edie last year envisioning having her Christmas photos taken in it. It turned out to be a perfect fit to Stacey's design and had such a classic look. I loved how they turned out.

We also had Christmas cards made by my friend Grethel who has her own photography business. On these cards we had a large 5x7 photo printed alone on the back of our family. The intention was that our family members would keep and frame as a gift. I am not sure how many did - but it was a good idea anyway! I hope everyone enjoyed getting their cards this year from our family. We had so much fun doing them!

Happy New Year!

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