Congratulations Aunt Mindy and Uncle Chuck!!  Mindy and Chuck were married May 29th at Gabrella Manor.  The ceremony, led by Chucks father was so beautiful not to mention the bride and groom!  The flowers were amazing complete with an aisle of scattered rose petals that was nothing short of something you would see in a magazine of a Southern Garden Wedding.  The colors were green, brown and cream with pops of colors in all of the flowers.   

Family came from all around to witness the marriage of Mindy and Chuck and to see our baby WALK down the aisle!  Yes!  Edie WALKED down the aisle all by herself, carrying her sweet little flower girl basket!  She was so precious in her dress.  I said she looked like a little cupcake.  Scott and I were a little emotional as we watched her coming down flashing her smile to everyone.  She did perfect!  We had a goal, "a wish", that Edie would walk for Mindy and Chuck's wedding and she did it!  She is AMAZING!!

We spent the rest of the weekend with family having a great time catching up and seeing everyone.  I had hoped to have some photos for this post, but my camera was not taking good photos since I do not have a flash.  So I snagged this one from a fb page.  I hope to have some to share with everyone soon!

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  1. Just the other day, my mind flashed to Edie and I was thinking about the goal of her walking down the isle for the wedding. I wasn't sure when the wedding was and I wondered if she had done it or was yet to do it. How exciting to see she met the goal like the Amazing Girl she is. Congratulations! I can only imagine how excited and proud you all are of her. I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet Flower Girl.