The Bell Center Seeking Summer Peer Models

I usually would not post this to Edie's Blog - but it is the only way I can get it to post to face book for everyone to see. If you have a typically developing child you may be interested in this therapeutic "play-date" group. They meet all over Birmingham one day each week. Your child would serve as a model peer to children with special needs. What fun!!

The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs is currently looking for children between the ages of 29 months and 3 years old (by June 30th ) to serve as peer models for children in their summer Stay and Say Playgroup.

The Stay and Say Playgroup is designed to promote independent play skills and encourage socialization in both typically developing children and children with special needs. A parent and/or caregiver participate with their child in this weekly playgroup on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00. A team of therapists including an early childhood special education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech and language pathologist lead the playgroup that takes place in a variety of locations including McWane Center, Pink House, Homewood Park, Cherub’s Clubhouse, The Birmingham Zoo and Children’s Dance Foundation . A short informative session on positive child rearing practices is included for parents and caregivers.

The Playgroup Meets for 7 more weeks this summer and the cost for Friends is $50 for the entire summer.
If you are interested in participating please contact the Andi Gillen at 870-0081 or agillen@thebellcenter.org

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