Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Kitchen

Aunt Mindy {aka Mrs. Kitchen} made my day by posting several of their wedding photos on fb today!! These are some of my favorites from the beautiful day. During all of the photo shoots I thought to myself, "Edie could not have been more of an Angel" as she totally cooperated by sitting so sweetly while the photographer shot away. However, once I saw the photos I do not think there is one where she is actually looking at the camera. I guess she was just so into everyone else she forgot to look at the camera and smile. What kind of 2 1/2 year old does that ;)!!!

None the less the wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom were just as perfect and Edie walking down the aisle as the flower girl made it all the more special. I am seriously considering bring her dress to the beach with us next week for some more photo shoots. She was just too stinkin cute in it!! I need more!!!
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  1. YOU look stunning - as always!