Edie's Birthday - Day

Edie turned THREE last Friday! I can not believe it still! We have a THREE year old! As you can see from the pictures she is doing great and is one happy Birthday girl. I searched all week for the Barbie microphone and woopie cushion that she so loved. I did not have any luck so I settled for a $1 echo mic from Target and who knew how many hrs of fun this would bring to Edie. She loved it! Dada bought her a Ladybug pillow pet too.

We attempted to eat dinner out earlier in the night, but we quickly learned that this was a bad idea. We had to leave the restaurant before we even finished our appetizers. I tried taking Edie straight to McDonald's for her favorites but this did not make her happy either. She finally settled down on the way home after I fed her french fries in the back seat. Once we were home she was as happy as could be. We are learning that Edie's favorite place to eat is at home, in her own chair, with her videos. I was upset that I did not have a cake for her as I thought we would be celebrating out. So I threw together some ice cream and cookies, lit the candles and whala! Happy Birthday Edie!!

We love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for the three best years of our lives!
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