Christmas - Part 1

Christmas Eve Night - {Before Santa}

As you can see Edie was so super cute in her Christmas jammies. I bought these thinking we would go on the train ride in Columbiana, the North Pole Express. I had no idea this thing sold out months before!! Next year we will be more prepared and we will get tickets way in advance. Edie has really become the little picture poser. She knows what the camera is for and when you tell her to say "cheese" she will smile so big and stand still for us! Then she wants to see herself in the screen. Edie is such a ham, a cute ham :)

We still did not quite understand the Christmas Elf this year, but we did read the book and gave him a name. Scott and I had some fun with him too! One day we found him in the kitchen with all of the paper towels pulled from the holder and he was swinging from them across the kitchen. On another day we found him recovering from some Christmas parties with a cucumber on his head next to a bottle of spilled advil. And on the last day we found him in the fridge hiding in the butter tray with a carrot in his mouth. Next year I have a feeling he will be doing a lot more crazy things ;)

Once Edie was all tucked in for the night Santa did his magic and brought his gifts. Maybe too many gifts.......
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