Roll Tide!

Scott, Edie and I were invited this weekend to go on a tour of Bryant Denny Stadium by the Caldwell family. They won the tour during the "2ND Annual Ladybug Fundraiser" and we were twice blessed by the Caldwell's - once when they made the donation to our cause and won the tour and twice when they invited us to go with them! We were so excited to see what all Alabama fans out there want to see! We saw the recruiting room, the press room, the locker room and the big "A" where the players and coaches stand, the sky/VIP boxes (which cost around 500K I might add) and the newly planted field. We had a great time and we would have documented so many wonderful photos of it if only I had remembered the SIM card which was back home in my computer and NOT in my camera!! UGH!! Therefore the above snaps were taken with Scott's camera phone. :(Sorry again Scott :(
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