Grethel Van Epps Photography

So my all time favorite photographer, Grethel Van Epps Photography is doing another contest and this time the winner will receive a free session AND $100 print credit and all I have to do is tell you how I really feel! 

She is truly the best!  I found Grethel's information at the Baby Palooza a few years back and I am not even sure if I met her that day or if I just picked up her pamphlet from a random table.  Anyway I loved her work and I held on to it waiting for Edie to turn one.  So once she finally did we booked our session and we have been using her ever since.  We have had four sessions with Grethel since that first booking and I have LOVED everything she has done.  My house has gone from a few black and white photos of landscapes to a shrine of our daughter and of our family in eye popping colors!  I have counted and as of today we have 37 photos on display that GVE took throughout our home!  I can't believe it myself - slow down sista!

To top it all off Grethel has become a great friend of mine.  She has supported our "Ladybug Fundraiser" by donating a $700 value photo package, she did the photo shoot for the Save the Dates for the fundraiser last year, she has become the preferred photographer of Hillsboro (where we live), she helped me to launch nest EGgS design by donating her talent and getting word out and she is just plain fun to hang around with!  Can't get enough of GVE and I mean that!  GVE is a great photographer and a great friend - winning the contest would just be a bonus :)  Check her out for yourself and you can enter the contest too!!  Even if you don't know her personally, just share what you like about her work www.gvephotography.com/blog and www.gvephotography.com

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  1. thanks M! you know I love that little girl of yours and you too!