Walking and Talking

Edie has really been walking and talking lately. She has graduated from a typical push "toy" to an actual walker. She has been doing really well with her walker too. She has learned how to maneuver around objects and turn on her own pretty well making it easier for her to walk longer lengths at a one time. She still uses her push toys and probably enjoys them a bit more {since her walker does not sing and talk to her} - but the weight of the walker is so much better and it helps her to stand up straight rather than having to bend down to push and walk.
The funniest thing Edie has been doing lately is pretending to talk on the phone. She is constantly asking for the "gome" and putting her hand to her ear. If she sees us talking on the phone or hears the phone ring her eyes light up and she has the cutest look on her face. She has several toy phones but she is smart enough to know that the ones that really work are on the counter or in ma-ma's purse. So of course these are the ones she prefers. She will carry on pretty long conversations too. We tell her Santa is on the "gome" and wants to know if she is being a good girl - which of course she is!
I have tried several times to capture her walking and talking on video but every time she sees the camera she stops what she is doing to go for the camera. I will keep trying.

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