Class of 2011

We recently celebrated Edie's graduation from The Bell Center.  A nice ceremony was held for all of TBC graduates and families at Canterbury Methodist Church.  During the ceremony each child received an actual diploma from Ms. Betty Bell, founder of The Bell Center.  There was also a slide show showcasing each child, their graduation photo and photos from their time while at TBC.  

We are so proud of Edie and all of the things she has accomplished these past three years.  I can remember the very first day we entered TBC and met with Ms. Betty.  I remember Edie's first visit at just 6 weeks old.  I enjoyed going with Edie to her visits when she was just an infant and learning new techniques and things to help her with her development.  It was fun to see her working towards her goals and it was even more fun to see her accomplish each of them.  We still have much to work on and we will miss TBC, the staff and the children; but we look forward to what the future holds for Edie and the adventurous road getting there!

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