Mother's Day 2011

As you can see I am still playing catch-up in the blogging world.  I really do try.  It is always on my list of things "to do" but somehow it just keeps going to the back of the line.  We have been having such a fabulous summer and I have so much to post, but there just never seems to be enough time to sit down and do it.  So today while Edie is napping I have decided to get at least two-three things on the blog.

So going back to Mother's Day.......we had a great day.  Church, then brunch at Silvertron.  All I wanted for the day was to be with my family and have the HUGE fried mushrooms that I remember from Silvertron.  I can't say much about the mushrooms (they were not as I remembered) but I can say that I had a wonderful day with my family.  Playing, napping and eating one of Scott's wonderful home cooked meals.  I am so blessed, we are so blessed.  I love being a mom and I look forward to being a mom of two soon.  I just hope that our baby boy is just as sweet as his big sister :)

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