Yellow Duck

We wanted to share with you this cute little hand-knitted sweater and hat that Ms. Flossie made for Edie. It is precious! Ms. Flossie baby sat Scott when he was a baby and also knitted Mindy a dress when she was a child. I can not wait until it gets cooler so she can wear it!

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  1. Gigi1.8.08


    I missed you sooo much while I was in Jacksonville and was so happy to see your cute little smiling face Monday morning. Yo're such a treasure and I love you so much.

    The sweater and cap Miss Flossie made for ou are adorable. Wear them in good health.

    Hugs and kisses,


  2. Great Giddo1.8.08


    I love the picture of us together. I have a beautiful picture of you on the chest in my room so that I can see you every day when I wake. I love you, your dad and mom very much.


    Great Giddo

  3. Looks like someone has been busy catching up on blogging! ;)
    I love to hear about Edie and look forward to the days when she and Addison can play.
    By the way, can we go with you to Mexico next time??